I’m sure this phenomenon has happened to everyone in their lives. The moment you snap back to reality and realise you have been staring at something for a period of time you cannot recall. For me there are three things that always make me feel like I’m suspended in time; the ocean, watching an open fire and the night sky. I can be present and hear everything around me but feel as if there is no need to be apart of anything else other than the awe inspiring feature in front of me. Once I’ve come around from this trance, I often have trouble working out how much time has lapsed. Experts may have different terms for this phenomenon, what ever it is though, one always comes out of this form of meditation feeling relaxed and truly in awe.

Although I’ve mentioned there are three things that have the ability to do that to me every time I see them, I am often privileged in my daily job to experience other things that have the same effect on me.

Tamboti 4:3 Female
2007 - present

The Tamboti female inhabits the south-eastern sections of Londolozi, having a large part of her territory along the Maxabene Riverbed.

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Tamboti 4:3 Female

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I often find myself wondering off whilst watching a herd of elephants, pondering who’s communicating with who and where they are going and why? I will sit with a herd of impala and try to work out if there’s a sense of fear or if they are completely content until that point in time when they have to escape? All these thoughts take me into a space where I can stay suspended in time and it’s truly a sense of meditation. Nature does that to me.

I’m sure by now you’ve imagined to yourself the last time it happened to you, I’m sure it was blissful. It always is.

The most recent happening to me was a week ago, when I found myself watching the Tamboti female leopard and her two cubs.

Often these moments we experience aren’t necessarily just about the subject we’re looking at, but a combination of factors that add to it too. In these photos you can see how soft the light was. It was late afternoon and the sun was setting, making it a comfortable temperature and a beautifully lit scene. This is also the time of day that a majority of the birds are settling into their roosting spots for the evening, so there was a cacophony of bird calls around us, only adding to the already mesmerising moment.

It’s a difficult thing to do these days with the constant rat race and so much emphasis being placed on time and efficiency. One doesn’t often get the opportunity to take a moment to just be inspired by something unexpected and truly mesmerising, but when we are offered a special moment, we should seize that opportunity and let time stand still for us whilst we watch in awe. So next time the opportunity presents itself, I’d encourage you to just go with it. It’s actually the best spent time I know.

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Tamboti 4:3 Female

Tamboti 4:3 Female

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Pamela Baca-Hanes

You are so right – to enjoy and take in special moments are worth more than gold. Priceless actually. Your photos are so beautiful… a lot of emotion for me. Thank you!

Mary Moy

You can see the love in the face of the Tamboti Leopards face. I hope she is successful in rearing them. Wonderful photos.


great pictures!
Indeed I can imagine your feelings and maybe if people would realise more how small we are compared to universe or the ocean or nature , they would fight each other less?

John Deal

My family and I had the opportunity to witness the same scene last week in this same location, thanks to our amazing guides John and Mike. I’ll never forget those cubs , that setting or our entire Londolozi experience.

Brenda Gail Sedberry

Beautiful pictures Kevin, as always. Coming back to see you ( and the Gator cap) in about 320 days!!


stunning photos – enjoy the moment – oh so true

MJ Bradley

Those times where time stands still for however long, are those times we most cherish. I agree that the salt smell of the ocean along with the soothing sounds of the waves and laying out in the middle of nowhere to look at the star filled sky are awesome! The sight you shared with Tamboti and her new cubs must have been the right place at the right time to create such a feeling of timelessness. Thank you for sharing!

Mary Beth Wheeler

Wonderful photos, Kevin. What a lovely sight for you to see…

Linda Polley

Thanks, Kevin. I was mesmerized along with you. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful photos.

Lynn Rattray

Beautiful photos that tell the story. Thanks for sharing!

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