I’d like to start off this Week in Pictures by wishing you all a happy Youth Day 2017. This day commemorates a wave of protests started by students in 1976, that helped to undermine the Apartheid regime in South Africa. It showed the power of the youth in this country and what impact they can have when they come together for good. I would therefore like to dedicate this post to all the youth around the world who are helping in whatever form that may be. Thank you all for making our world a better place!

It has been an incredible week out here, and choosing images for this week was not an easy task. I have been sure to include some images of Londolozi’s youth to stick with today’s theme though.

With that, enjoy This Week in Pictures…

lion cub, tsalala, nick kleer

These Tsalala Brreakaway cubs have spent most of their youth on Ximpalapala Koppies, meaning we have only been viewing them at a distance. However, the other day, we were lucky enough to get an amazing view of this little one. The Tailless lioness has been doing a great job so far in raising her two male cubs and we look forward to seeing them explore more of Londolozi in the coming months.

crocodile, nick kleer

Not something you see every day… A huge Nile crocodile treats us to a walk-by on his way back to the water.

lion eye, nick kleer

A young Mhangeni male lion sat eye level with us long enough to capture some great detail in his eye as he watched the rest of the pride approaching.

mashaba leopard, nick kleer

The Mashaba female leopard watches a herd of impala nearby before disappearing back into the long grass, attempting to stalk closer. A few months ago, this grass would have been a lush green but it seems that no matter the length or colour of the grass, leopards are able to disappear in it due to their amazingly camouflaged coats.

friends, staff, sunset, nick kleer

We enjoy the end of a day and bid farewell to two new friends, namely Will Asquith and Vedant Thite from India, who recently spent a few weeks here at Londolozi.

bataleur, nick kleer

A bateleur watches hyenas feeding on the remains of a large python. These birds are renowned scavengers and, like vultures, will often land on carcasses to feed on scraps.

elephants, sunset, nick kleer

A breeding herd of elephants feed on a ridge crest at dusk. With winter in full swing, these animals are now focusing their feeding on roots, cambium and leaves as the grass dries up.

birmingham male lion, nick kleer

The Birmingham male coalition made an appearance in the northern sections of Londolozi this week. Could they be looking to expand territory? Should they do so, it will only further confuse the already upset lion dynamics on Londolozi at the moment. Only time will tell if they continue to push south.

majingilane, male lion, nick kleer

This week also saw the return of the Majingalane male lions into the centre of Londolozi, responding to the calls of the Avoca males, who have been sighted on Londolozi in recent times. The two coalitions did not meet up in the end though and the Majingilane headed back west without any interaction.

majingilane, nick kleer

A Majingalane male lion on the move in the cool, early morning. An intimidating sight for any creature.

elephants, sand river, nick kleer

Eye level with some elephants as the crossed through the Sand River. At the time I had Londolozi legend, Lex Hes, with me, a pleasure to guide with during his stay.

tamboti leopard cub, nick kleer

One of the Tamboti female leopard’s two blue-eyed cubs, who are about eight weeks old now. This female leopard has not had good luck with previous litters and we are hoping that she is more successful with this pair.

tatowa female leopard, nick kleer

The Tatowa female leopard shares this special moment with one of her two cubs in the early morning sunlight.

Involved Leopards

Tatowa 3:3 Female

Tatowa 3:3 Female

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Awesome photos!


How nice Lex was there! I did the Ecotraining Game Ranger Coure on EP in 2002, I think. He had some lovely photos with him and I bought some of him. I still cherish them………..When he gets back with you, please give my regards!

Judy hayden

I will live day by day through your experience. Beautiful pictures once again.


Great Pics ! The picture of ScarNose is one of his best pics ever

Darlene Knott

Beautiful photos! Well done!

Carol Sturgeon

I absolutely love the photo of the Tatowa female leopard with her cub! It is so adorable and words cannot express properly the feeling of love that is portrayed!


Hooray! A bateleur, my favourite bird of prey. Thank you so much. Yet more stunning photographs of your ‘neighbours’. Such high quality.

Mary Beth Wheeler

Great Week in Pictures, Nick!! I can see that it was another exciting one – wish I was there!


Amazing mesmerizing photographs. Thank you so much. A magical way to start off my day to be sure.


Such beautiful pictures this week, Nick … thank you!


great pictures!!Also the bateleur!


Absolutely phenomenal captures! Love the eye of the lion ! I feel I must draw that ! I love the eyes… they tell so much. Thank you for sharing your talent . I miss Londolozi .❤️

Jill Larone

All such beautiful pictures, Nick! Thanks for a great Week in Pictures!


Fantastic pics Nick. Great photography. Thanks for sharing with us.

Wendy Hawkins

Your picture of the Bataleur is just so amazing, thank you Nick 🙂

MJ Bradley

Always hold my breathe when I read Majingalane and another coalition in the same vicinity! Hope to keep the Majinga boys around for a while longer. Love your updates thank you for sharing!

Debbie Botellio

I love everyone’s photos. They are all awesome. The blog and photos put a smile on my face everyday as they bring me back to our trip at Londolozi almost a month ago. Nick was our ranger and he provided us with excellent wildlife sightings as well positioned the vehicle so we could take great photos.

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