“We have been coming to Londolozi since 2008 and this year it will be our 10th holiday and we wanted to share with you those years and memories.

It was hard to narrow down the photos as we have thousands, but we didn’t want this book to be all about the animals as this is only part of the Londolozi experience.

You have welcomed us with open arms and we have enjoyed our experiences so much, with more laughter than we care to remember.

With love and affection,

Richard, Fiona, Henry and Emma Houghton”

These are the words written into the front of a book we recently received from the Houghton family. It’s one which serves as a memoir of their special times at Londolozi over the years. We were so touched by the gesture, the time and care it took to put together as well as all the beautiful memories captured in it that we’ve decided to share it with you. Below are pictures taken of the book, which illustrate some of the family’s highlights. Thank you the Houghtons! It has been a joy making these memories and sharing these moments with you…


The front cover of the book, which sits pride of place on a Varty Camp coffee table.

Graeme Gullacksen and Alice Brewer peruse the book, laughing about times they’ve shared with the family in the past.


A reminder of some of the remarkable lion sightings they’ve had over the years.


Close ups of one of Africa’s giants. It is here that Fiona says she fell in love with taking ‘arty’ photos.


Byron Serrao, ex-Londolozi ranger gives the kids a go in the ranger’s and tracker’s seats.


At Londolozi we’re lucky enough to witness all aspects of a leopard’s life. Here leopards are photographed mating as well as a young cub taking a rest.


A herd of elephants cross through a flowing Sand River. The Houghtons have seen Londolozi and this river in all the different seasons over their numerous visits.


A Boomslang and Tree Agama.


Fun and games at one of the Londolozi mud wallows. Typically frequented by elephant, rhino and buffalo, here Adam Bannister, Henry and Emma, make good use of it instead.


One of the largest and yet gentlest animals you can find in the African bush, here the kids take a walk to get a closer look at a journey of giraffe.


“To all of you at Londolozi that have made our memories so special. It is a magical place.” Judas Ngomane and Byron Serrao photographed with the family.


Some of the younger Londolozi animals, namely a hyena cub and a nyala lamb.

The family getting involved in a friendly game of touch rugby, a staple activity for rangers in between game drive.


A rather crazy moment: The Maxabene 3:2 Young male (later called Tu Tones Male) steals a bean bag that has fallen off the vehicle.


A photograph of some of the wild life that visit the rooms at Londolozi. Vervet monkeys drink from the private pool and outdoor shower.


Henry and Emma scale a Marula tree.


Some of the various ways the family have seen leopards behaving over the years.


Left: Byron Serrao gets beaten in a race by Emma Houghton. Right: One of the slightly more rare predators to be seen on Londolozi, a coalition of cheetah.


Ranger Adam Bannister teaches the kids to climb some of Londolozi’s prominent trees.


Byron out with Henry on a fishing expedition.


Two of the species known as the ‘big five’: A large male lion and rhino calf.


Southern Africa’s rarest predator, the wild dog. Here a group of pups bunch together at a resting spot.


Kelly Cresswell, dressed in a zebra onesie, and Sean Cresswell, donning his birthday hat celebrate Sean’s birthday at a morning coffee spot.



Lion, leopard and hyena cubs.


Tracker Life Sibuyi, General Manager Duncan MacLarty and Ranger Byron Serrao enjoy a private evening drinks stop with the Houghton family.


Lions, rhino and some cheetah on the move.


Fun and Games: The lighter side of a Londolozi safari.

Left: Sean Cresswell is mobbed by a group of Londolozi staff coming to wish him at his birthday celebration in the Wine Cellar. Right: A beautiful morning scene.


A beautiful way to close off the day at Londolozi. “Here’s to many more”.

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on Londolozi: A Different Perspective
    Tammy says:

    Some great memories here <3 Cannot wait to browse through this book.

    Fiona Houghton says:

    I’m so glad you have shared this book with others. I loved putting it together! See you for New Year!!

    Jenny Shadrach says:

    What a wonderful record to have of their adventures. I am SΓ’ jealous!

    Juliette says:

    Stunning! Thank you!

    Brenda Allen says:

    The Houghtons: I just saw the book of Londolozi memories that you have put together. What a wonderful way to showcase your lovely photos from your trips to Londolozi. I saw several photos of Byron Serrao, I adore Byron, he is a great guide, so funny and a joy to be around. I know that he is out on his own now, I hope he gets to see the wonderful book of your safari memories. Cheers

    Nan Sands says:

    Your book is very well done. Did you use Apple’s iPhoto to produce the book?

    Wendy Hawkins says:

    Oh how lovely to have all those special memories of a lodge that I can only dream about! Thank you for sharing it with us bloggers! I love the cover picture πŸ™‚

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