Mostly at Londolozi we take people out into the wilderness but every now and again one of our own takes the wildness out to the world…  

Recently, Boyd Varty was featured on The Investor’s Field Guide, where the conversation centered around this very topic. Using the Londolozi story and the joys, mishaps and crazy encounters experienced in growing up at Londolozi, Boyd really starts to demonstrate how finding your inner compass and tracking your own path through life can create purpose and peace.

Boyd Varty tracking in the Londolozi wilderness. Boyd is now using this ancient skill of tracking and lessons from nature to help others track their purpose in life.

Tracking is fundamental to Londolozi. It is a core piece of our DNA. We talk about its importance in a very literal sense in that it is key to helping us find animals but we also see the importance of it in the metaphorical sense. The very same strategies for pursuing animals in the wild can be applied to all aspects of our lives and can help us to track down whatever it is that we’re searching for. 

A fresh set of leopard tracks. This is one of the species that Londolozi’s trackers track daily. In the podcast, Boyd regales the story of the original mother leopard and how she was key to the making of Londolozi.

The interviewer, Patrick O’Shaugnessey, describes this particular interview as his “most unique to date” and his question to Boyd on Boyd’s most memorable experience evokes “the best answer [O’Shaugnessey] has ever heard”. The discussion also covers the concept of Ubuntu, village building, meeting Nelson Mandela and what life-changing encounters can happen when you go out into nature with some of the world’s best trackers.

Judas Ngomane, Richard Siwela and Jerry Hambana out on a tracking mission. Men like these are core to the tracking culture at Londolozi and pass on their ancient knowledge to the younger trackers and guides who follow in their footsteps.

For anyone interested in the Londolozi story or in how the lessons learnt in this beautiful wilderness can help inform your life, this both poignant and fun podcast, packed with world-class storytelling, is your perfect leap off point.


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on Taking Wildness Out To The World

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john handslip

love the londolozi site
been with you several times last time with the grandchildren a memory never to be forgotten

Amaya Pryce

What an amazing conversation!! Thank you for sharing. Boyd at his finest – both funny and moving.

Diana Viney

Thanks for posting this Amy! What a wonderful treat to hear Boyd tell stories and offer his incredibly sensitive insights for living a “trackers life”. Thanks again !

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