With rolling bouts of potential thunderstorms and intermittent periods of blazing sunshine, this last week has offered everything from chilling cold to unbearable heat, with the inclusion of one of the windiest days in Londolozi history!

The slow, continuing rainfall and welcomed cloud cover has contributed to some hurriedly growing grasses and running streams, all creating a vastly different landscape to late 2016. The sight of dense, vibrant vegetation is a sight for sore eyes and although it was obscure some of the animals on occasion, it does supplement the natural beauty of this incredible habitat!

Trying to predict the weather, prepare for wind and rain and combat nature’s strength proved to be humbling, and thus teaches us to be to dynamic, reactive and respectful. There is always still something to find out there!


A robust waterbuck bull cast against some growing thunderstorms in the distance. A field of greenery engulfs his hooves. 1/800 at f/5; ISO 250


In some of the windiest conditions I have ever felt, I thought it would be lazy not to experiment with motion blur technique as the Nkoveni female stood still; her immediate environment danced violently. 1/3 at f/18; ISO 100.


And then to our surprise, she sprung into a steady stalk; a great opportunity for some panning. 1/3 at f/22; ISO 100.


A tighter attempt at panning, as the light was just soft enough to slow the shutter down completely! 1/3 at f/22; ISO 100.


An African Hawk Eagle takes off in flight, here processed in a style of Sepia against the overcast sky and little shadows. 1/3200 at f/6.3; ISO 400.


Both this male and a female giant kingfisher have been spending lots of time close to the causeway river crossing and providing us great photographic opportunities… They are yet to be present during sunrise though, despite all of our patience! 1/1250 at f/6.3; ISO 800.


A playful young elephant feeds on some (almost) out of reach vegetation, showing off his agility. 1/640 at f/4; ISO 320.


A long time has passed since I have seen these two powerful figures; the Matshipiri coalition. After spending the majority of the past 12 months around the Sand River in our southern corner, the males have started widening their range after strengthening buffalo herds are no longer forced to reside around the river and can seek water elsewhere. A very welcomed return. 1/640 at f/5; ISO 200.


A more creative perspective of a passing journey of giraffe, with high sweeping clouds, and uniquely shaped tree and a glowing horizon, this black and white process creates a dramatic scene. 1/160 at f/14; ISO 100.


Yesterday, a well fed Nkoveni female rested atop a termite mound so beautifully side-lit and surrounded by changing colours. 1/1000 at f/2.8; ISO 200.


The female ostrich speeds up to reach her surviving four chicks, now half her height, as they forage with the male in the distance. 1/10 at f/11; ISO 100.


To change things up I went for the classic smartphone panorama shot. What remained after gale force winds was just stillness and beauty, the perfect setting for a large evening gathering. iPhone 6S.

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GM Majingilane

are the majingilane males back at londolozi


Cress – that leopard wind shot is crazy!

Gillian Evans

great panning shots Sean!!

Trevor jacobs

How are the buffaloes are they recovering after the drought ???

Wendy Hawkins

Thank you Sean for making my weekend very special! Stunning pictures of all the green. Have a great weekend

Londolozi 2014

Thanks! Glad to hear the ostrich family is still going strong!

Lucas Buxton

Wow ! The versatility and technology that apple offers today is just amazing, what a stunning sunset. All the other photos are so detailed, and what can I say, well…… Spot on !

Bob & Lucie

So happy the Ostrich family is still together and prospering!!!

Jill Larone

Beautiful pictures Sean — thanks for a great week in pictures!

Callum Evans

A beautiful set of photographs. I need to start experimenting with different f stops on my own camera

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