Outward joy and happiness is ever present on safari and is certainly an infectious emotion. Whether in camp throughout the day, out in the bush taking in all that wilderness can offer or back in camp around the fire listening to songs and stories, the holistic experience emits laugher and enjoyment.

Like in a previous post, which highlighted the gratification of seeing happiness in others, this week we look at the emotion, feeling, and soulfulness of those who find pleasure in their “work” on a day-to-day basis. There are too many members of the Londolozi family who would fit the above description, and so a few more of these collections are in order, I presume!

For now, we look into a small portion of the field team and some candid moments caught while on safari in the past few months. These captured moments help to remind me of some of the endless reasons why I live and work in such an amazing place.


On a chilly winter’s afternoon, Tracker Rob Hlatshwayo looks towards the warm sun and a huge herd of elephant feeding across the open crest. As an extremely observant individual, Rob enjoys scrutinising the interactions within the herd… In a somewhat relaxed manner!


Getting a shot he had evidently been waiting for, Nick Kleer pulls away from his camera with glowing relief and gratitude! Well waited…


The always present smile on Andrea Sithole’s face is often overrun with this naughty laughter; an infectious demeanour to say the least!


With the world class soft-light being shone by Life Sibuyi, Garrett Fitzpatrick and guests capture stunning moments at dusk of a male leopard in a tree. Amy Attenborough even got in on the sighting as the colours and vibrancy exploded in these conditions!


Dave Strachan and guests celebrate after witnessing something incredibly rare! Lots of patience finally paid off and the immediate excitement is clear.


Tricky navigating and rough terrain meant vehicles battled through thick foliage in the Sand Riverbed to get into position to view some lions and their cubs on the move. Nick “all weather” Sims threw his body in the line of thorns and branches but made it just in time for him and his guests to see the lions and get some shots. He has subsequently been nominated for Dakar Man of the Year for his selflessness… He has made a full recovery.


After a long morning tracking two male lions on foot, Tracker Joy Mathebula can sit back with pride and relief and enjoy the sighting. It always is a pleasure witnessing impressive track-and-find’s like this and Joy’s young enthusiasm has added significantly to the greater Londolozi team!


Another captured moment from a few months back when the winter landscape produced beautifully bare evenings and iconic skies. An afternoon spent with a hyena clan ended in a dynamic dusk.


Not to miss a yawning leopard in a tree, Amy Attenborough, quickly picks up her camera! From a sleeping leopard, this moment can occur out of the blue and not again for some time, and so it was great watching the vehicle scramble for their cameras at this time!


Thriving selfie expert Rob Hlatshwayo attempts said art form with a new camera; one with a lens too large… I still think it’s a great shot, Robbie.


Fin Lawlor and guests are very pleased during the “golden hour” when a pride of lions unexpectedly awaken and start to move through some clearings, making the viewing phenomenal and unforgettable; evident on their faces.

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Sean is one of the humblest rangers you are likely to meet. Quietly going about his day, enriching the lives of the many guests he takes out into the bush, it is only when he posts a Week in Pictures or writes an ...

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on Revealing the Intangibles: Happiness at Work

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Gillian Evans

the happiness that is Londolozi!

Dianne Riddel

Thank you for sharing your lovely stories Sean. Your pictures say it all. A candid camera i always love as it captures the magic moment, you do it so well. makes my heart yearn for Africa and Londolozi. This post is sent from Rotorua New Zealand

Jill Larone

Great pictures Sean! I love seeing some of the happy moments from the past year at beautiful Londolozi! I can’t imagine a happier, more rewarding place to live and work. I wish everyone a very happy Christmas with family and good friends, and a very healthy, happy and rewarding 2017!

Ange Wallace

We are thinking about Nick ‘all weather’ Sims and his brother, James, this Christmas season. Still have not found the perfect socks yet, Nick. I will keep looking.

Sending love from Canada!

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