With only a couple of days to go until December, we thought it fitting to look back over November and select our top twenty pictures from this month.

With multiple images filtering in from the bush on a daily basis, it is difficult to select the few that will grace our social media platforms, let alone the fifteen that will appear in today’s post, and in fact it was the guests who stole the show this month.

Images were selected for their artistic merit or their representing of a unique moment in time.


It’s easy to overlook the smaller things, as obvious as that may sound, but guide Kevin Power was quick enough on the draw to capture this fantastic image of a dragonfly in mid-hover next to his vehicle..


The Anderson male leopard dwarfs the rarely seen Ingrid Dam female behind him during a mating bout. Photograph by Angela Pearson-Bramson (Londolozi Guest)


A secretary bird takes off into the sunset. Photograph by Sean Cresswell


A backlit baboon troop goes foraging. Photograph by Mike Johnson (Londolozi Guest)


A stunning moody image of the Nkoveni female on a gloomy afternoon. Photograph by Mike Johnson (Londolozi guest)


One on the alert, the other not so much. The older Tsalala lioness and her cub on a prominent granite boulder in the Sand River. Look out for an update on how history has repeated itself with the Tsalala pride, coming soon. Photograph by James Souchon


With the promise of rain in the sky but some areas still to green up, this elephant herd had to keep moving to find decent feeding grounds. Photograph by James Souchon


A dramatic low-angle shot of a white rhino with the sun’s rays breaking through in the background. Photograph by Mike Johnson (Londolozi Guest)


The defining confrontation of the drought; lions versus buffalo. A Mhangeni Breakaway lioness faces off against two old bulls. Photograph by James Tyrrell


A portrait of protective motherhood. A tiny elephant calf drinks in safety from between its mothers’s legs. Photograph by Kevin Power


The Piva male captured in a quintessential profile. Photograph by Angela Pearson-Bramson (Londolozi Guest)


One of the Nanga female’s latest litter, displaying wide-eyed caution as it emerges tentatively from a den. Photograph by Alistair Smith


James Souchon must have nerves of steel to go face to face with a snake like this. Maybe not, as it’s a western stripe-bellied sands snake, and completely harmless. Photograph by James Souchon.


A gloomy image snapped at the perfect time, epitomising the mysterious and semi-arboreal nature of the leopard. Photograph by James Souchon.


Timing wins again. A white-fronted bee-eater tosses up an insect in order to re-catch it in a better position before swallowing. The aposematic colouration of the insect speaks to its potential unpalatability, so we’ll have to ask James if the bee-eater followed through with the meal. Photograph by James Souchon.


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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills were well developed, and he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team as a result. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the photographic skills ...

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Fantastic shots all of them. Thank you very much for sharing them with us. Have a great day all at Londolozi.

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