Following on from the success of the initial This Week In Food post from Tuesday 1st November, we follow up today with more high tea treats. Timing was perfect with the last Food blog, as an insight into the sustenance for your stomachs preceded the badly needed sustenance for the land that Londolozi has been awaiting, in the form of 25mm rain.

Next week we will be showcasing two of our signature Londolozi recipes, so log on then to find out how you can bring the Londolozi deliciousness to your kitchen, wherever you are in the world..

For now though, enjoy This Week in Food…

Classic BLT

The Classic BLT – with a basil mayo.

veggie skewer

Not a vegetarian? Wouldn’t matter as you put this piece of utter deliciousness in your mouth! Skewered and grilled, the combination of these veggies, drizzled with garlic oil, cracked pepper & maldon salt – the perfect health moment.

Bobotie tartlets

Traditional Classic – bobotie tartlets! Bobotie is a well-known South African dish consisting of spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping. Here we do them with a twist.


Comfort food – baby yorkies with rare roast beef and horseradish hollandaise. Yum!


Springbok carpaccio with shavings of parmesan and rocket – perfectly paired with a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Seared prawns

Seared Prawns served with a coriander and soy dipping sauce.

grated beets, ribboned carrots & peashoots

Another great slaw – grated beets, ribboned carrots & peashoots.

Courgette, cherry tomato and coriander salad

Courgette, cherry tomato and coriander – any combination of raw veggies work with making a slaw. The aim is to have a crisp clean flavor moment in your mouth, sweetened just with a splash of olive oil and a squeeze of lime.


Once again, Eric Sithole works his magic on a chicken, truffle mushroom pie. These golden morsels of deliciousness are a sure way to get you drooling.


Nice and healthy, the ostrich kofta, together with a lemon yoghurt, was an absolute hit this year. For the uninitiated foodie, ostrich is lean, very good for those battling with cholesterol, and a fun fact is that every part of the ostrich is edible apart from the beak and feathers.


The ultimate stamp of approval is when our General Manager, Duncan MacLarty, is not only on the deck for tea, but in the kitchen making sure these chicken club crunch sandwiches – being his absolute favourite – are cut properly. Believe me, MUCH quality control was done by Duncan!


Much has been in the food press recently on this humble little tart. The Portuguese custard tart is light, fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth material.


The Londolozi signature tea-cake; the carrot cake. Topped with a cream cheese frosting, this can only exude complete happiness before your afternoon game drive.

All photographs by Alicia Taylor.

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on This Week in Food #2

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Wish to be with you at teatime. Delicious.

Bonnie Olson

The food at Londolozi is the absolute best. I hope to come back to try the carrot tea cakes!! Yum!

Jeff Rodgers

Hoping the BLT and Chicken Club crunch is on the menu when we arrive in two months.

Judy Guffey

“Springbok carpaccio with shavings of parmesan and rocket – perfectly paired with a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc.” Yes, please. Now now.

Jill Larone

That’s incredible Anna! Now I’m starving just looking at all these delicious dishes!


Absolute scrumptiousness! Great photos too.


Wow the food looks amazing. Really enjoying this week in food series! Cant wait to see what you serve up next week.

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