If you could describe Londolozi in one word, what would it be?

Adventure, fun, love, family, home, peace…???

Londolozi is made of people. It lives in people, comes to life through people and dwells in people. It is through our shared relationship with the land and the animals that this place finds meaning.

Because people are at the heart of Londolozi it seemed only right that they be given a chance to express themselves in a way that is truly human, through the shared word.

We therefore asked a number of our guests and staff to describe Londolozi “in a word” and from a million possible choices a pattern emerged, demonstrating a profound belief in a shared humanity unified, connected and with a deep sense of belonging. The feelings expressed would suggest that Londolozi has become more than a safari destination. It is a feeling or a movement driven by a shared oneness – called Ubuntu……“I am because of you”.

It’s a collection of 90 words capturing 90 years of history that show the profound heart and humanity of this place in  90 seconds…

What word would you choose? We’d love to hear it in the comments section below.

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Rich is the driving force behind Londolozi’s online storytelling and the Londolozi blog. His passions of digital media, film and photography, combined with his field-guiding background, have seen him take the Londolozi blog to new heights since he began it in 2009. Rich ...

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on 90th Anniversary: Londolozi in One Word
    Claudia says:

    Just Beautiful.
    Never been to Londolozi in real life but I follow your blog (great photography, leopards, lightroom tips).
    It’s my daily dose of beauty, wilderness and wonderful story telling.
    This post actually brought tears to my eyes…You’re doing a great job – on all fronts. Thank you all so much!

    Kate Imrie says:

    Connection, tranquility, family, vision, love.

    Kim Pressley says:


    Linda Polley says:


    M E Fourie says:

    Would love to visit your Londolozi

    Ed Hubbard says:

    Having visited Londolozi three times I can only think of one word that describes Londolozi…”Heaven!”

    Jeff Rodgers says:

    Commitment or Family or Innovative (love the Creative Hub).

    Mary Beth Wheeler says:


    Senior Moment says:


    Tom says:

    The one word I would use is Harmony. Everything blends together while working separately. Truly magical.

    Jos van Bommel says:

    Hi Guys, you all said a lot of “one words” which I fully subscribe as a frequent flyer to Londolozi, but I missed one and that is: LEADING ….by a mile and in a lot of aspects

    Leslie says:

    I would say everlasting because once you have been to Londolozi it is a part of you and because the wildlife and the land are timeless.

    Henry Smith says:

    Love this post, and love all the words used to describe Londolozi. As the Londolozi family have become such an important part of our lives, I would add the word: “life.”

    Jenny says:

    Caring (in all aspects).

    Sheena says:


    Marela says:


    Audrey Kubie says:


    Jill Larone says:

    Magical, healing, life-changing, harmony, love.

    Linda Amell says:


    Kim Johnson says:

    Wholehearted, values, integration, agape, hope.

    Lynne says:

    The one word I never heard used from the video was LOYALTY- to each other, to the land, to the wild life, to the earth & to Londolozi. Well done !

    Dave Mills says:

    Life-changing-mind-bogglingly wonderful (sorry, Londolozi needs more than one word)

    Dave Mills says:

    Londolozi, you better hold on to Rich Laburn. He’s a creative genius.

    Warren Pearson says:

    Home. Family. Friendships. Love.

    Jacqueline says:

    So precious!

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