The current dry spell has unwrapped the bush in a way that has allowed me to see this environment with a new perspective. Bird life has been a prominent feature, the different soils that make up the typography are clearer than ever before, the once disguised civet middens and hyena latrine sites are everywhere and, more importantly, it has allowed viewing of secretive creatures as well as interesting interaction amongst all animals. Once again, my eyes have been opened as the current dry spell and dry conditions have actually enhanced the environment  we live in, and made it clearer. It feels tantalisingly close to drawing to an end, however, due to some soft rainfall we received over the last couple days. Isn’t that testament to life, though, that all good things must come to an end?

Enjoy the week in pictures…



Can you see the second tree squirrel?


An infrequent yellow-billed oxpecker seen amongst a weakening large herd of buffalo.


A Matimba male finding comfort in the Sand River.


There has been a wild dog pack of 22 seen over the last couple days. I was most interested in the one wild dog with a tracking collar.


The reflection of the Nzanzeni female drinking at night


Predators have been a prominent force over the last week and the male cheetah has been seen wondering through the open grassland


An inquisitive young baboon using the vantage point of a termite mound.


The rarest animal I have found, unfortunately not from the past week. I saw this pangolin a couple weeks ago and thought it was worth sharing. It was a very special moment for me and for tracker Terrance who hadn’t seen one in 10 years.

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Don defines the quintessential success story in guide development. Having limited experience in the bush or photography when starting at Londolozi, his years here have been a meteoric rise to prominence, and his understanding of the bush and wildlife around him as well ...

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Sergey Gorshkov

Thanks Don!

Senior Moment

Great photos

MJ Bradley

Wonderful photos.. Love the side by side squirrels!

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