The following images are from the past week where four rangers and trackers drove a photographic group. This gave us the amazing opportunity to meet and learn from some very experienced photographers and allowed us to share new techniques and ideas with them. Having mutual interests provoked photographic thought and allowed everybody’s creative eye to develop. Ones wildlife photographic skill could also never develop if there weren’t any subjects to photograph. This was made easy by working as a team and the tracker’s incredible predictive nature.

Enjoy this Week in Pictures…


A rare sighting of the Kaxane male peering over at a large herd of buffalo.


A pair of Lilac breasted Rollers displaying their beautiful colours.


A young rhino bull wandering through the open grasslands.


Dave Strachan enjoying a sighting of a Matimba male and a Mhangeni breakaway female.


All five of the Tsalala cubs are still as energetic as ever and enjoying the confines of the Sand River.


A rhino bull passing us by while we were having sundowners.


The mid-day temperature has been on the rise and elephants in particular have been spending the heat of the day along the riverbeds.


Two zebra stallions sparring for dominance.


The golden hour and a yawn from a hippo.


Often there might not look like there is a possibility of a photograph but most of the time there is, all you have to do is look.


Yesterday afternoon the Tutlwa female presented herself 30 metres from camp in the Sand River.


A baboon awakens as the sun begins to rise.


A dust storm amongst clouds created a dramatic scene while the Tsalala pride were resting in the river.

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Don Heyneke

Photographic Guide

Don defines the quintessential success story in guide development. Having limited experience in the bush or photography when starting at Londolozi, his years here have been a meteoric rise to prominence, and his understanding of the bush and wildlife around him as well ...

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on The Week in Pictures #246
    Henry Smith says:

    Great photos, Don!

    Michelle Deese says:

    Beautiful Pictures

    Mike Beder says:

    Every picture is a masterpiece. I am envious!

    Sergey Gorshkov says:

    Great picture!

    Lynne says:

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics!

    Sherry says:

    Hope Tsalala tailess bring the young female reunite Tsalala pride soon.

    MJ Bradley says:

    What beautiful photography! Thank you for sharing a small piece of your paradise!

    Jill Larone says:

    Stunning pictures Don! Thanks for a great week in pictures!

    Al Kaiser says:

    One of the best WIPs yet!!

    Lea says:

    Fantastic pics for TWIP. Great photography Don. Wish I could come view these amazing animals. Thanks for sharing your beautiful country and animals with us.

    Wendy Hawkins says:

    Stunning pictures Don, especially the Lilac Breasted Rollers, thank you!

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