National holidays are celebrated throughout the year across the globe. There are some rather bizarre ones such as National Corn on the Cob Day or National Fly a Kite Day, as well as some more significant ones. These may arise based on the day the place was discovered, gained independence, or a particular event changed its course of history. Today is one of these iconic days for South Africa, National Youth Day.

This iconic holiday was first officially proclaimed in 1994 after South Africa’s first free and fair democratic elections. It is in remembrance of the Soweto Student Uprising that occurred in 1976, where school children protested against the Bantu Education system. Unfortunately it ended tragically with many victims, one of them being Hector Pieterson. A famous image of Pieterson’s body being carried by a fellow student shocked the world. It was a piece in what would indirectly but ultimately help contribute to our first free and fair democratic elections in 1994. In a country where about 66% of the population consists of youth, it is an extremely important day for South Africans of all ages to commemorate.

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” Nelson Mandela.

In the African bush, one can also see the truth in Nelson Mandela’s words. The young animals of today will ultimately become the leaders of herds or territory holders of tomorrow. This is obviously understood by the “adults” of the animal kingdom, as we see how much protection and teaching is invested in their youngsters. Be it an elephant calf learning how to find water in the Sand River, or a young lion learning to hunt, there is a constant effort by the adults to teach the future generation the skills necessary to survive. It is this that is integral to keeping the species moving forward and the natural system in balance.

To celebrate this iconic day I’ve decided to round up a few images of our “youth” at play for you. We hope you enjoy seeing the future generation of Londolozi’s animals that will keep this great landscape alive for years to come.

Happy Youth Day from the Londolozi family…

Tsalala Lion cross cubs

hyena cubs. KP

Photograph by Kevin Power


Photograph by Amy Attenborough


Photograph by Amy Attenborough


Photograph by Sean Cresswell


Photograph by Sean Cresswell

tamboti carrying cub 2 (TMP)

Photograph by Trevor McCall-Peat

Young elephant. KP

Photograph by Kevin Power


An inquisitive youngster looks on. A perfect example to show how the younger buffalo take on a completely different colour to that of their parents.


Photograph by Amy Attenborough



Photograph by Andrea Campbell


Photograph by Alice Brewer


Photograph by Amy Attenborough


Photograph by Amy Attenborough

Girrafe calf. KP

Photograph by Kevin Power


Young ellie.KP

Photograph by Kevin Power


Photograph by Amy Attenborough


Photograph by Sean Cresswell


Photograph by Trevor McCall-Peat

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on Youth Day: A Celebration of Londolozi’s Little Ones

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Margarita Doychinova

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Meadowcroft

Thank you for posting this! Its a reminder that the nect generation will carry on the parents legacy.

Victoria Auchincloss

Wonderful 😄😊


Wonderful compilation Thank you.

Marinda Drake

Stunning pics. Love the buffalo calf.

sally slick

All your postings are awesome but this one is the best ever! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful world with us!

Debbie Kohlenstein

Love reading all your posts and seeing all the fabulous pictures. It always takes me back to my time there at Londolozi. Thank you.

Judy B.

Great blog! The babies are always so adorable. Kevin, we’ll see you in August when we come back to Londolozi. We can’t wait! Judy & Larry boch

Jill Larone

Beautiful pics! I love seeing all the babies…so cute!!

Sue Prince

Great pictures Kevin…..

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