Prolonged shades of orange, a slight chill in the air and mist-filled mornings are all signs that winter is upon us.
Although every season in the bush offers something unique and different I must admit that winter is my favourite. Waking up to the crisp clean air, bundling myself up with layers of clothing and enjoying a hot cup of coffee before heading out for another unknown day is the bush is a feeling like no other and a difficult one to describe.
Being in a drought and now with winter being the start of our official dry season makes for some very interesting times ahead. Over the last decade, almost every year has seen Londolozi graced with above-average rainfall, but over the last two wet seasons the rain has not come, and we have had half the amount we usually receive. How will animal behaviour change? Will it change at all? Will animals move around more? These are just a few questions myself and fellow guides are asking ourselves and we will all be watching closel as the next few weeks and months pass….
For now it has been another incredible week in the bush, not only exploring the golden light but the night sky too….
Enjoy this Week in Pictures….
Mashaba young female

The Mashaba young female listens to the distant alarm calling of a group of nyala and awaits her mother’s potential return. ISO 800 F4 1/3200 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm

ox pecker

There is something special about spending time in a large herd of buffalo; not only for the overwhelming feeling of the sheer numbers but it also allows us to pick up on the smaller things in and around the herd.  Here a red-billed oxpecker enjoys the warmth of the rising sun. ISO 800 F2.8 1/8000 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm

Playful calf

We spent a good hour with this herd as the adults fed into the late afternoon while the youngsters took the time to chase each other and tried to intimidate each other. ISO 640 F2.8 1/640 Sigma 120 – 300mm @250mm


The Ndzanzeni female eases into the evening as she awakes from her afternoon rest… ISO 1000 F2.8 1/200 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm

twip 9

A dappled coat; perfect to fade into the shadows, ambush prey and slink off into the darkness to stay out of harm’s way. ISO 800 F2.8 1/200 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm


As the sun sets on another day in the bush, it gives us time to stand still, listen to the silence and appreciate where we are. ISO 400 F7.1 1/320 Sigma 20mm F1.4

bonding time

Lions are tactile animals, with touch maintaining bonds between pride members, an in paticular mothers and their cubs. ISO 1000 F2.8 1/1250 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm


One of the Matimba males watches his coalition mate feed on a kudu bull that was brought down by the Tsalala females.  ISO 1000 F2.8 1/200 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm


A sky full of stars. ISO 1600 F1.4 ”25 Sigma 20mm F1.4

twip coalition

An intense stare from one of the Matimba males as he feeds on the kudu. ISO 1000 F2.8 1/400 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm


It is always special to end a day with good company and an incredible sunset. ISO 400 F7.1 1/1000 Sigma 20mm F1.4

twip 2

The Mashaba young female rests in an Apple-leaftree while waiting for her mother to finish feeding. It has been incredible watching this leopard grow from day to day and develop into such a beautiful leopardess. ISO 1000 F4 1/200 Sigma 120 – 300mm @300mm


My favourite picture of the week. The Mashaba female pauses during her descent and glances around for any danger be ore continuing. ISO 1000 F4 1/1000 Sigma 120 – 300mm @150mm

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Trevor McCall-Peat

Photographic Guide

Trevor joined Londolozi from Balule Game Reserve, and with this head start in guiding, he was up and running in no time as a Londolozi Ranger. Trevor has a unique style in photography, capturing images from fresh angles that most wouldn’t see. This ...

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Astonishing images Trevor!! How I miss Londolozi…



Ezequiel Almada

Great pictures.

The Matimba males seem to have settled, is it down to the fact they now have cubs and prefer to stick closer to them?


Wow, love the picture of the Matimba male’s cold stare! Great job, I really enjoy the pictures you post weekly.

Gail Rolland

Trevor as usual outstanding photos which bring back so many memories …it is so difficult to choose a favourite. … many thanks indeed.
John and I are hoping to return next year.

Jill Larone

These are all really stunning pictures Trevor! I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite!

Praveen Singh

Super photos , Trevor ! What a treat .

christine frazer skinner

Outstanding photo well done sending these beautiful animals to us in learning about them


I love these photos! You have a wonderful creative eye, and it is clear you love what you do!

Wendy Hawkins

Wonderful Trevor! Thank you for sharing your daily Paradise with us,

Callum Evans

Such an incredible photo gallery, each photo has its own special magic, feel and atmosphere. My favourite though has to be the portrait of the Mashaba Female!

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