It was with nostalgia that I watched the Queen turn 90 on 21 April. The Telegraph posted a video that captured her life in 90 seconds and as I watched the photographs flick past, I remembered that Londolozi also turned 90 this year. That means that they were in fact born in the same year and they’ve both walked such an incredible journey.

For me, the Queen is the epitome of grace. Through her life’s journey she has been the head of state of 32 different Commonwealth realms, with 13 UK prime ministers alone, serving the Commonwealth during that reign. She has walked through decades of change, seen countless political ups and downs and through it all she has been a constant. She is the epitome of elegance, tradition, calm through turmoil, style and timelessness.

What it did watching this was bring home what Londolozi has been through in 90 years. From the ebony tree on Varty deck to the fire that has burned in the Varty boma for the last 90 years. How many people have sat around it, how many people have shared stories there? How many people have fallen in love or announced new babies over that fire; learnt to play the guitar or culminated their African adventure there? How many friends and family have passed through these doors? How many animals lives have we witnessed?

With the nostalgia in watching the Queen’s journey, Londolozi’s 90 year history finally landed for me. The magnitude of it hit home and that’s what we want to share with you today.

So enjoy Londolozi, ‘The Queen of Safari’, in 90 seconds.

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Bronwyn Varty-Laburn


Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve and also one of its most longstanding employees, having grown up on the floors of the kitchen and in the gardens of the lodge. Bronwyn’s official title is that of Londolozi’s brand and storytelling ...

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Marylou Sewell

Beautifully spoken, Bronwyn.

Laura Eberly

Well Done! Thank you, our history is so very important!

Amy Andrus

Happy 90 years Londolozi! Thank you for sharing your memories!! Beautiful video!!

Anne Hilbert

Sure would like to know how to slow this down so I can really appreciate each photo.

J.R. Finkle

Truly a special place that always tugs at my heart strings. It’s been a privilege to visit there.

Jill Larone

Really lovely, Bronwyn. Congratulations Londolozi, on 90 wonderful years. It was a life changing experience for me, visiting Londolozi in 2013…a truly magical place. Here’s to the next 90 years and beyond.

Dave Mills

And a life-changing experience for me, too, in 2014. Can hardly wait for 5-year-old grandson Henry to put a few more years on, and then . . . Londolozi, here we come!

Judy Guffey

Love the entire 90 seconds. Only wish it were easier to linger on each photo….they fly by too fast. Also watched it on YouTube and was able to pause the images. Thanks for putting this together. Happy Birthday, Londolozi.

Lydia Watson

This video is absolutely wonderful – thank you very much for sharing it with us and congratulations for 90 years of Londolozi!

Awesome and touching!

Jeff Rodgers

Clearly a labor of love.

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