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As 2016 flies past at an unimaginable rate, I am thankful for the gift of photography that allows us to capture and immortalise moments. Londolozi has been providing great opportunities this past week and I have enjoyed one of my best cycles in the bush since I started guiding. After some much needed rain the bush seems to have come to life in spectacular fashion. Lion cubs, leopards and spectacular sunsets make up my list of highlights for the week I hope you enjoy the images!

untitled (187 of 297)

One of two 6 week old Tsalala cubs struggling to keep its eyes open. ISO 640, F2.8, 1/800.

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The second cub can’t hide her curiosity. ISO 640, F2.8, 1/1250.


untitled (20 of 20)

The two young cubs (both females) are always looking for opportunities to pounce on each other. ISO 1250, F2.8, 1/1000.

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The lighter-maned Matimba male follows the Tsalala females back to the den-site. ISO 640, F2.8, 1/5000.

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The dark-maned Matimba male catches a scent in the air. ISO 640, F2.8, 1/500.

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The Sparta pride have finally introduced us to their four cubs, two males and two females. The adult lionesses killed a large kudu bull on Londolozi this week and spent a few days near the centre of the reserve. ISO 1250, F2.8, 1/2000.

untitled (243 of 289)

Doing what Lions do better than any other. ISO 1250, F2.8,, 1/2500.

untitled (207 of 297)

Joining us at an afternoon drink stop. ISO 200, F3.5, 1/30.

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Although the rain has greened up the bush, much dust still remains, which when kicked up can add immeasurable value to backlit photographs. ISO 200, F3.5, 1/250.

untitled (18 of 20)

This giraffe can easily be identified by a bull by his thicker ossicones (not true horns). ISO 200, F4.0, 1/200.

untitled (86 of 297)

The Mashaba female rests in the late morning ,watching her daughter pushing boundaries with a hyena. ISO 800, F2.8, 1/640.

untitled (57 of 297)

The cub is becoming bolder and bolder, as showed by her approach to this young hyena. Had the hyena been fully-grown, it is doubtful whether she would have got so close.. ISO 2000, F2.8, 1/320.

untitled (56 of 289)

Mother and daughter share a drink after feeding on a young waterbuck carcass nearby. ISO 320, F2.8, 1/8000.

untitled (16 of 20)

The Mashaba female again, on the lookout for any potential prey. ISO 3200, F2.8, 1/100.

untitled (4 of 20)

Cool earth near this wallow provides a comfortable resting place during the heat of the day. ISO 640, F3.5, 1/1250.

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marinda drake

Stunning images Nick. Awesome capture of Mashaba and her cub drinking water together. Tsalala cubs are adorable. Great to see the Sparta pride back at Londolozi.

Diane Phillips

Just beautiful photos. Thank you. Loved the little ones. so precious. Thanks again.


Great blog! Thank you very much.


Thanks we know Tsalala cubs are famales.
Tsalala ‘ future!

Gillian Evans

A stunning selection of photos! The lion cubs are as cute as they get and I especially love the black/white of the Mashaba female up the tree. Thanks for keeping me in touch with life at Londolozi

Victoria Auchincloss

Fabulous, can’t wait for December. Victoria Auchincloss

Wendy Hawkins

Thank you Nick for this wonderful selection of photos. The DM Matimba Male is looking rather thin, is he old, I’m not sure? The Lion cubs are cuteness personified & the Mashaba cub so close to the Hyena is a concern, no wonder mom looks worried. Have a great weekend

Robert Hayes

Great photos as usual. The dark-maned Matimba male looks so much thinner than I remember from recent posts. I hope he is okay.

Jill Larone

Stunning images Nick! I couldn’t pick a favourite, they’re all fantastic. The cubs are all so sweet. I also thought the dark maned Matimba looks very thin…was he injured in the latest encounter with the Majingilane? I really hope he is okay.

Mary Beth Wheeler

Hard to believe that it’s been exactly a year since we were with you for 12 exciting days! Do much has changed, yet remains the same – except for those lion cubbies! Next year this time – 2 weeks!

Andy Francombe

Amazing images Nick. We had a fabulous time at Londolozi last week and were present for some of the above sightings which you have captured majestically.

Marias Erasmus

Oh boy! Darker mane Matimba Male. You mean Hairy Belly? It doesn’t look good! What has happened to them? There other brothers in Ngala look in much better and prime condition!

Anyway a good selection of photos.

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