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Trevor joined Londolozi from Balule Game Reserve, and with this head start in guiding, he was up and running in no time as a Londolozi Ranger. Trevor has a unique style in photography, capturing images from fresh angles that most wouldn’t see. This ...

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on The Week In Pictures #217

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Mike Sutherland

Trev! Well done, the picture of the Cheetah silhouette is amazing!! Good work with the Sigma, it looks like an incredible lens!!

Jill Grady

This are really stunning pictures Trevor! I especially love the Cheetah silhouette, the Ndzanzeni female in the tree, the Matimba male looking upward and the Hyena pup, but every one of these images are so beautiful! It’s great to see the Mashaba cub doing so well. Mashaba has done very well, keeping her cub safe and teaching her all the skills she will need to survive. Thanks for sharing all your incredible pictures Trevor (and also including the camera info — very helpful). Sigma looks like it’s coming out with some great lenses!

marinda drake

Stunning pics as always Trevor. Love the cheetahs.

James H

Great shots Trev.
Isn’t it amazing that the pupils of the scops owl are vastly different in size? Something that shouldn’t (unless you suffer from concussion) happen to humans as our pupils respond equally to light, regardless of whether one is in light and the other darkness, but apparently is normal in owls.
(I’ve done a bit of research, can any opthomoligists out there confirm the following?: In humans, nerve fibers from each optic nerve meet at the optic chiasm and then fibers from each eye pass to both sides of the brain. So, light shined into one eye elicits a response in both, whereas the striated muscles in the irides of owls respond much quicker allowing the birds to quickly change their iris size when going from light to dark or visa versa).

Liza (Elizabeth) Leland

For some reason, I’m no longer receiving the daily blog. I’ve been to Londolozi twice..as a matter of fact, Trevor was our ranger my second visit..fabulous pictures Trevor! My husband and I hope to return in 2017. Please put me back on the blog!!!!!!!


Great Pics, I Have a great Pic of the Ximpalapala female when she was a cub with her mother the Short-tail Female, please send me an email address so I can send it to you.

Amy Attenborough
Media Team

Hi Greg. Thank you, we’d love to see that! You can send it to content@londolozi.co.za. Thanks so much, Amy


Thank you for sharing, I like the different dilations of the scopes owl pupils.

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