As half the year has flown by I find myself reflecting on what an incredible few months we have had so far. I remember the beginning of the year and discussing the changes and dynamics that we might see. Looking back at the last six months, we have had one surprise after the next. The wilderness keeps us entertained and constantly in awe of the beauty and unpredictability of nature.

Even though I have been at Londolozi for just over two and a half years, every day in the field still feels like my first and I am always excited to see what the bush has in store for me. This week I tried to focus on using light in different ways, you’ll see that each image below creates different emotions through the use of light, I hope you will be able to see and feel this for yourself.

Enjoy this Week in Pictures…

Impala in the mist

The early morning mist creates a somewhat eerie feeling to the beginning of a new day. Iso 1000 F7 1/400


A Tsalala young male yawns and stretches before joining the rest of the pride who had passed out in a nearby thicket during the heat of the day. Iso 800 F4.0 1/1250

Collard sunbird

In the midst of the browns and greys of the bush, the bright colouration of aloes allows for great photographic opportunities such as one of a collared sunbird enjoying the afternoon sunlight. Iso 800 F5.6 1/2000

Elephant calf

A young elephant calf stays close to its mom for protection. Iso 800 F2.8 1/800


A Tsalala lioness, now four and a half years old, walks with determination and power. Iso 1000 F4 1/2000

Wilderbeest sunrise

One of the many things I love about winter – the early morning mist. Iso 800 F7.1 1/500


The full belly of one of the Tsalala young males as he watches vultures circling in the distance. Iso 800 F4 1/1250

The Piva male

My favourite picture for the week, the Piva male gazes in the direction of a distant call of another leopard. I have done quite a bit of processing on this image and love the end result. Iso 1000 F2.8 1/1000


We spent about two hours at Lex’s Pan watching as elephant after elephant came for an afternoon drink. Iso 640 F6 1/800

The tamboti female

The Tamboti female spoilt us once again as we followed her on a morning territorial patrol. It is an incredible feeling to be able to spend time with these elusive cats. Iso 1000 F2.8 1/1250

Tsalala pride

The Tsalala pride overlooking the Sand River at a herd of nyala on the opposite side creates a great eye level photographic opportunity. Iso 1000 F2.8 1/320


The graceful and elegant Tamboti female. Iso 1000 F2.8 1/800

Elephant tusk

A close up of a gentle giant. Iso 400 F5 1/2000

hippo yawn

I love this image as it is one I have been trying to get for a while. The intensity is clear in the hippo’s eye as he shows off his dominance to the rest of the pod. Iso 1000 F4 1/800


One of the incredible views we are privileged to witness on a daily basis. Iso 500 F8 1/640


Written and Photographed by Londolozi Ranger Trevor McCall-Peat

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Trevor McCall-Peat

Photographic Guide

Trevor joined Londolozi from Balule Game Reserve, and with this head start in guiding, he was up and running in no time as a Londolozi Ranger. Trevor has a unique style in photography, capturing images from fresh angles that most wouldn’t see. This ...

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marinda drake

Stunning pics this week Trevor. Love the last one of the riverbed and clouds.

Mary Beth Wheeler

All your work on the Piva photo worked! Lovely image!

Judy B.

Love the hippo!

Kim Sams

Beautiful work!!! With my emotions running over after reading about Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, your photos stand as a testament to conservation and protection
! Thanks for sharing!

Arden Zalman

Another great blog Trevor. Tamboti looking fantastic.

Debra Pye

Last year I had the pleasure of 5weeks in Africa and climbing Killimanjaro. Your photos are beautiful and bring back many memories. Very saddened by poor Cecil. Bring the dentist back for judgement. Everyone knows it is illegal to shoot these animals.

Jill Grady

These are all stunning images Trevor! I especially love the one of the Piva male and also the image of beautiful Tamboti with all the trees around her. Thanks for a great week in pictures!

Irene Nathanson

I love all your pictures! each one creates a different mood from the bush. I always like leopards. I like the second one of Tamboti (Isaw her and her cub two years ago with you) and the hippo is perfect.

Rich Laburn

Sensational images Trev, I look the Tamboti female (always) as well as the last image of the rays coming through the clouds. Thanks for posting.

Lizeka Masilela

Awesome pictures.

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