My first week back at Londolozi after some time in the concrete jungle always fills me with a feeling of appreciation and once again is a reminder of how lucky I am to call this home.

With so much changing with regards to animal dynamics in the bush it is also an exciting time as I catch up on all the day to day happenings out in the field.

The past week has produced some great photographic opportunities. This week I have played around with most of my images in post-processing and tried to give them a different feel. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think and which one is your favourite.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this Week in Pictures…


One of the Matshipiri males showing power and confidence. Iso 800 F4.0 1/800

buffalo bull

A buffalo bull enjoys relief in a wallow on a warm winters afternoon. Iso 400 F5.6 1/4000

Tsalala young male

A Tsalala young male listens to the distant sounds of kudu barking in the Manyaleti riverbed. Iso 800 F2.8 1/2000

Buffalo bull

A buffalo bull quenches his thirst in Lex’s pan before grazing into the late afternoon. Iso 1000 F4 1/640

Piva male

The Piva male now bearing scars from recent territorial disputes. Iso 800 F2.8 1/200


With winter in full swing and the vegetation being dry there is an increasing amount of competition over space and food. This bull shows off his weaponry to a nearby pod. Iso 800 F4 1/1000

Matshipiri  male

The other brother of the Matshipiri male coalition lies still in the grass as the last rays of light fade away. Iso 1000 F2.8 1/125

buffalo bull

The flemhen grimace, used to taste the scent of females to detect their availability. Iso 800 F4 1/4000

tree agama

Playing around with processing I tried using different light to bring out the beautiful markings and colouration of this tree agama. Iso 640 F2.8 1/800


The Tamboti female after being chased up a marula tree by the 4:4 male. She used the tree as a vantage point as she watched the male move off. Iso 800 F2.8 1/5000


A different angle showcasing the beautiful lines and muscular shape of a zebra. Iso 800 F2.8 1/ 2000

tamboti 3

The ever beautiful Tamboti female. Iso 800 F4 1/3200

tamboti 3

Written and Photographed by Trevor McCall-Peat, Londolozi Ranger

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Trevor McCall-Peat

Photographic Guide

Trevor joined Londolozi from Balule Game Reserve, and with this head start in guiding, he was up and running in no time as a Londolozi Ranger. Trevor has a unique style in photography, capturing images from fresh angles that most wouldn’t see. This ...

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on The Week in Pictures #188

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Leslie Backus

I love the first one of the male lion. It seems so silent and peaceful with the dark background that you can almost hear what he is thinking.

Marinda Drake

Stunning images Trevor! Love the lions and the tree agama.

Kim Sams

Great photos Trevor! I especially like the one of the Tamboti female head shot in the tree. The sharp contract between the rough bark of the tree, her smooth coat, then the “no texture” blue sky is stunning!
Welcome back! I always enjoy your photos!!


Trevor – very nice, and different!


Pictures are wonderful! My favorites are of the two male lions. It is always hard to choose something other than a leopard which I love so much. Liked the interesting Agama and the Zebra too

Jill Grady

Wow, these are all really fantastic images Trevor! I think my favourite is the close-up of the Matshipiri male…the eye contact is really powerful, followed by the Tree Agama…that must have been a hard one to get and the last image of the incredibly beautiful Tamboti female. Thank you for another week of interesting blogs and fantastic pictures. Have a great weekend!

Sean Lloyd

Great shots Trevor

Blair S

Have the Matshapiri males had any contact with any of the prides and who won the fight between Piva and Inyathini? Great photos Trevor they are truly wonderful.

Wendy Hawkins

Welcome back “home”! Stunning pictures all, but my fav is the Tree Agama. I love seeing the small things on offer in the bush. Have a good weekend

Jan Tanis

They are all wonderful shots. I think the dramatic effect of the Matshapiri male appearing out of the darkness is my favorite.


Awesome pictures Trev – loved them all but kept going back to the Zebra

Loretta Z

I will always choose the lion photos as my favorites, but I also love the one of the buffalo laying down in the river. He looks so relaxed and peaceful.

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