The past week has shown some interesting turns. The Fourways males have been seen around the southern boundary following a large herd of buffalo whilst the newcomers –  the two males and single lioness have continued to move throughout the centre of Londolozi vocalising and continuously marking territory. Is this how it will stay? Has it calmed down? Is there still a dramatic scene to play out?

Being the cooler, drier months it is always great to work around water sources as plenty of game come and go drinking from the waterholes. Hippos are also taking advantage of the cooler days by feeding for longer periods into the day and basking in the warm rays of sunlight. As you’ll see below, it has been another fantastic week, I hope you enjoy our Week in Pictures.

Mashaba young female

The Mashaba young female rests in a Jackalberry tree as the light starts to fade. ISO 800 F/2.8 1/200. Photograph taken by Erin Bezuidenhout.

Hyena youngster

A young hyena watches as mom and other adults head off for a midday sleep in peace and quiet away from all the youngsters. ISO 1000 F/4 1/800

The Piva male

The Piva male watches two impala rams chasing one another around the Sunset Bend clearing. ISO 800 F/4 1/640

Water monitor

A water monitor just off the causeway soaks up the sun after a rather cool start to the morning. ISO 800 F/5 1/4000

Tamboti female

The piercing stare of the Tamboti female. ISO 800 F/2.8 1/400. Photographed by Erin Bezuidenhout

Hippo yawn

A hippo displaying and showing dominance towards the rest of his pod. ISO 640 F5.6 1/6400

Young hyena

A young hyena resting in the comfort of mom. ISO 800 F/2.8 1/500

Tamboti young female

The confident and beautiful Tamboti young female. ISO 800 F/5.6 1/320


Another incredible way to end a day. Few things beat a sunset in the African bush. ISO 400 F7.1 1/800

Mashaba young female

The Mashaba young female listening to the distant sounds of impala rutting. ISO 800 F2.8 1/200. Photographed by Erin Bezuidenhout

Sparta Female

Intensity. ISO 800 F5.6 1/800


A definite favourite of mine. The colour in the sky at this time of year is simply breathtaking. ISO 400 F2.8 1/100

Leopard coat

The dappled coloration of a leopards coat is key in their success and shows us exactly why they are incredibly stealthy and elusive. ISO 800 F4 1/200


A distant gaze of a male cheetah. ISO 1000 F5 1/400


The impala silhouette is my favourite this week, which is yours?


Written by Trevor McCall-Peat, Londolozi Ranger

Photographed by Trevor McCall-Peat and Erin Bezuidenhout

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Trevor McCall-Peat

Photographic Guide

Trevor joined Londolozi from Balule Game Reserve, and with this head start in guiding, he was up and running in no time as a Londolozi Ranger. Trevor has a unique style in photography, capturing images from fresh angles that most wouldn’t see. This ...

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Marinda Drake

Stunning images this week Trevor. Awesome pics of the Mashaba young female Erin.

James Tyrrell

Awesome photos Erin!!


Alice Ross

Really lovely photos this week Trevor and Erin – WELL DONE!!! So enjoy these posts – thanks Londo’s for always keeping us in the loop and feeling like part of the Londolozi family.

Kim Sams

My favorite is the Tamboti female. With the focus and light emphasizing her head, it looks like she is walking off the screen and in to my house!

Evette Hartig

I love the photo of the Tamboti female….those eyes are so beautiful!

Arden Zalman

Trevor, once again your artistry with a camera is evident in this blog. Of course Tamboti is one of my favorites. . I have 5 pictures of her taken when I was with you last Sept. And the baby hyena, we spent time with is on my wall.

Don and Pam Cornutt

Fabulous photos. Many thanks!

Mary Beth Wheeler

Love the leopard coat!


dumb question: are some or all of the bush animals color blind? Domestic dogs are.

Mike Ryan

Mashaba female in black and white stunning

Gail Rolland

Thanks Trevor …. what special memories you and Erin stir up ! It is difficult to pick a favorite because each one tells a story.
As usual incredible photographs….love seeing the camera settings…Many thanks.

Sandy Johnson

Great photography. I like them all! I have a question I hope someone will see and can answer. I never see pictures of “Pink Nose” anymore. Has he moved on? I believe he is called Maxabene 3:2. Thanks.

Sean Cresswell

Hi Sandy, see Trevor’s comment below as well as

All who observed Pinky enjoyed him and it has been sad to see him go.

Leslie Backus

My favorite in the cheetah because it seems like most photos of cheetahs do not show off their beautiful eyes – but this one does. It is almost as if they intentionally look away from the camera. It is quite a thoughtful gaze.


Stunning as always. Love the silhouette against the coloured sky and the black and white Mashaba leopard. All beautiful and long to be experiencing it first hand.

Trevor McCall-Peat

Good morning Sandy we called pink nose the Tu Tones male. He unfortunately passed away a couple of months ago. Very sad but had a very difficult time once his father Camp Pan lost territory. He unfortunately found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time on a number of occasions. He was an incredible leopard and we were very privileged to share part of his life with him. There is no doubt he will be missed by all

Sandy Johnson

Thanks for the update Trevor. Pink Nose was the first leopard I saw when I visited Londolozi and I am sad to know he is gone. He had an injury to his left eye when I was there in August 2011 – same leopard?

Wendy Hawkins

Thank you both for these awesome pictures, but the definite favourite for me is the Leopard’s back – wow it is stunning! Have a wonderful weekend & look forward to next week’s “surprise” to make my weekend special 🙂

Jill Grady

Stunning images Trevor and Erin! My favourites are the ones of Tamboti and the Tamboti young female and the male Cheetah…but every image is just incredible!

Sean Cresswell

Trev, another beautiful collection of images! Glad to see Tamboti young female is still around. Also nice to see Erin’s contributions. Keep up the good work.

Jenifer Westphal

I love them all Trevor – and always appreciative of you and your beautiful images. I agree, there is not much that beats the beauty of a sunset in the bush…and the cheetah, those eyes are haunting…thank you again!

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