On Friday we celebrated our one hundred and seventy-second Week in Pictures. It’s been over three years since this by now iconic part of the Londolozi Blog was launched and we felt it was time to start up another stalwart post series.

Introducing “Sunday Stories”.


Dung beetles. Wonderful creatures. A male rolls a dung ball away while a female hitches a ride.

While this won’t be as formal a series as TWIP, and will more than likely be a fortnightly offering, it will nevertheless be a regular feature in the future, and will allow rangers, trackers and other staff from Londolozi to share stories from their time in the bush.

Drama, comedy, tragedy… it is all to be found out here, and in this forum you will be able to read some of the Londolozi family’s often hilariously unorthodox takes on life in wild.


Callum Gowar takes photos with what I can only imagine was a wide-angle lens as a wonderful big tusker moves sedately past.

Did ranger Sean Creswell really see Lady Gaga’s face while looking at cloud shapes with his fellow trainees? What happened when Eckson Sibuyi got knocked off his tracker’s seat by a fleeing impala, straight into a pride of 15 hunting and hungry lions? How quickly does one’s sense of humour run dry when having to be pulled out of the mud by a tractor 11 times in 4 days? (very quickly!). Does Matt Evans really have a tattoo of the Dark-Maned Majingilane on his left bicep?


Life Sibuyi, one of the funniest men at Londolozi, has more than his share of hilarious anecdotes from his time on the tracker’s seat.

All this and more can be read in the Sunday Stories.

Leopards, laughter, loeries, Lucky Shabangu… the possibilities are endless.


Lucien Beaumont keeps his momentum through Finfoot Crossing while Like Gumede gets some wet feet.

So sign in next week for the first instalment of the Sunday Stories, to gain just a little more of a peek into what life is like out in the African bush.

Written and Photographed by James Tyrrell


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James Tyrrell

Photographic Guide/Media Team

James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills were well developed, and he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team as a result. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the photographic skills ...

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on Sunday Stories
    Marinda Drake says:

    Looking forward to the stories. We all have amazing stories (some funny, some sad) to tell from our Londolozi experiences

    Wendy Hawkins says:

    Oh that does sound like a lot of fun & laughs! So glad that TWIP stays or I would go into deep morbs πŸ™
    Thanks James for the heads up. Enjoy your week

    Jill Grady says:

    I’m looking forward to all the great stories to come James!

    Rich Laburn says:

    Thanks James looking forward to more stories every Sunday.

    Ezekiel says:

    Any update on the majingilane?

    Sean Cresswell says:

    We all know what we saw, James…

    Sheri Phillips says:

    Looking forward to the Sunday Stories. Love all of the adventures from Londolozi!

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