“We’re out-of-the-box. We’re committed to going beyond what is expected. For the wildlife photographer. For the star-gazer. For the birder. For the couple looking for a little bit more seclusion. We deliver the latest technology, the customised safari vehicle, the expertise, the experience and most importantly, the magic.”

A few years ago, gathered around a winter campfire, the leaders of the Londolozi vision asked a new question: Where do ‘innovation’ and ‘technology’ fit into ‘safari’? In what ways can we thoughtfully deliver our guests a variety of enhanced experiences in the African wilderness?

After a number of pilot projects (which included the development of our first electric Land Rover) we are thrilled to be able to offer a handful of one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge safari experiences.

Innovation is in our blood. You won’t stop us from finding ways to get our guests as close to the action as possible.  Here are a few of our latest innovative offerings designed to enhance your safari experience…

The Photographic safari

Wildlife photography and filmmaking are very much a part of Londolozi’s legacy. A number of the most acclaimed animal portraits, documentaries and “dramas” were photographed and filmed on our savannas, high up in our trees, and, on many occasions, right outside our lodge. Sharing this visual feast is a passion of ours. It’s in our culture.

Over and above the natural photographic talent of the majority of our rangers, a small group of our team are highly regarded photographers (you might call it a ‘hazard’ of the trade). Not only do we pair you with one of these photographic rangers but we also bring in a professional photographic guide who is required to be your private photographic instructor and their mission is to deliver an enjoyable adventure that challenges guests to take great pictures in Africa. They are able to guide you out in the field, but are also experts in post-processing and editing.

Specialised Photographic Safari

Specialised Photographic Safari


Londolozi’s Signature Honeymoon Safari Experience

“Unsurpassed luxury. Yes. Exceptional, discreet personalized service. Yes. But what sets this experience apart is the emphasis on creating a ‘space’ – both on the game-drive and in the lodge – where the couple is delivered an uninterrupted and private gateway to the African wild.”

It might be a honeymoon. It might just be a romantic getaway. Both are important.

Both warrant a personalized itinerary that allows the couple to walk at their own pace. Time spent in the bush deserves utmost quiet, privacy and tranquility. Candle-lit dinners on a private deck. Picnics spread out in a shady spot miles from camp.

The Londolozi signature honeymoon safari comes with a short-wheelbase Land Rover, outfitted with a sumptuous safari couch for two. The safari also comes with one of the most idyllic suites in Africa.

The Relais & Châteaux, award-winning ‘Private Granite Suites’ are positioned in ultimate seclusion along the famous Sand River. From each of the suite’s elegant rooms, the views stretch across the river and onto the grasslands to the north of the lodge. Featuring a glass-encased en-suite bathroom, an outdoor shower, a heated swimming pool and, quite extraordinarily, a private outdoor river-view bath, this is a bush sanctuary that is ‘home’ for the duration of a honeymoon safari.

Honeymoon Safari

The Honeymoon Safari


You can find out more details about each of the Specialised Safari Experiences by CLICKING HERE or on the image below…

Specialised Safari Experiences

Specialised Safari Experiences at Londolozi Game Reserve

Filmed & Produced by: Rich Laburn

About the Author

Rich Laburn

Head of Digital

Rich is the driving force behind Londolozi’s online storytelling and the Londolozi blog. His passions of digital media, film and photography, combined with his field-guiding background, have seen him take the Londolozi blog to new heights since he began it in 2009. Rich ...

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on Specialised Safari Experiences

Join the conversationJoin the conversation

Shanel Cameron

I can’t wait to come back for another Specialised Photographic Safari – what an incredible way to fully appreciate the flora, the fauna, and the talents and company of the staff! Best of all, I have some fantastic images which I am really proud of. Count me in again!

Rich Laburn

Wonderful to hear Shanel, we so enjoyed having you here a few weeks ago. Your images from the trip were outstanding and I would encourage anyone reading this to take a look – http://blog.londolozi.com/2013/09/londolozi-a-photographic-journey/

Marion Vollborn

One of the most beautiful moments in my life.
I hope I can come soon again.
Many greetings

Rich Laburn

Thanks Marion, we look forward to welcoming you back. rich

Kunj Trivedi

Hi Richard,
Having recently visited Londolozi and having also experienced addition to Photographers’ needs, I am appreciative of the Managements effort to improve the Photographers experience. I have been visiting Londolozi for more than a decade and I have been also advocating to Londolozi management to improve the facility on the vehicle for professional (including capable) photographers who carry heavy lenses. I do not think much is required to be done on the vehicle. You are also a very professional photographer and also understand what goes into getting (and not missing) a good opportunity. The recent addition of the device mounted on a Manfroto clamp has gone a long way but you know it is not enough. I would recommend that you try out Wimberly (or similar) and its placing (as you need to have a frame/structure on the Vehicle at the right place near the individual seat which will take care of his being able to take picture in most directions. With DSLR being able to take a movie (and there are many opportunities and possibilities) (and a steady hand is not possible for movie) a good tripod head like Wimberly will add greatly to the satisfaction of a Photographer. I do hope you will invest in time and money to give better value for money to the Photographer/ your guests.
Best regards/ Kunj

Rich Laburn

Hi Kunj,
Many thanks for the comment, it was great to see you a few weeks back and I hope that you captured many fantastic images during your stay.
Thank you for the suggestion of the Wimberly arms, it is a great idea and certainly one that we have already implemented on the Specialised Photographic safari. We mount the Wimberly arm on a micheala bracket which allows for steady photography as well as DLSR videography. If you look at the first image in the above post, you will see the two photographers on the right using the Wimberly arm and micheala bracket with their mounted cameras.

Thanks again for the comments,
Best regards,

Wendy Hawkins

That was fantastic, especially to meet all the great blog writers who put all the stunning images together, on a daily/weekly basis. I’ve been away for a week & saw all the mails coming in & thought, wow what an exciting time I am going to have “watching” all your expertise! Thank you to you all for always keeping me in the bush from home 🙂

Jenifer Westphal

OMG – I love this! I’m going to get my husband into this, he will love the idea of a photographer’s experience!

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