Londolozi means “the protector of all living things” and consequently conservation has always been deep in our DNA. Upon the return of the family to Londolozi in 2007, we renewed our intentions, as part of our daily operations, to contribute to wise earth stewardship.

The following commitments were made at the time:

  • To continue to campaign for more space for animals to roam freely by advocating for the construction of a wildlife corridor from Londolozi to the high rainfall mountain region which lies to the west of Londolozi
  • To contribute to digital learning in the rural areas of South Africa
  • To contribute to the preservation of ancient indigenous wisdom
  • To enable enterprise development and the creation of eco-entrepreneurs in rural South Africa
  • To strive to become a social enterprise

On Earth Day 3013, as we reflect on the intentions set 6 years ago, we draw solace from the fact that the government has embraced the “corridor concept” and is actively promoting its implementation.  We rejoice in the fact that a vibrant Tracker Academy has been established at Londolozi by Alex van den Heever, under the auspices of the Peace Parks Foundation, and every 12 months students are successfully graduating from this academy.


Perhaps the greatest victory that we have witnessed during the last 6 years has been the establishment, by the Good Work Foundation, of the first ever Digital Learning Centre in Hazyview.  This innovative Learning Centre is funded by visionary support from T-Systems South Africa and already has over 200 students attending with numbers growing every day. This concept is being embraced and supported on a wide scale by corporate South Africa and this bodes well for the idea that “the age of restoration will be borne on the back of the age of information” and that digital literacy will ultimately result in wise earth stewardship.

Londolozi continues to honour Earth Day and continues to be very mindful of the great privilege to be surrounded on a daily basis by 6 million acres of uninterrupted wilderness.


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 Written by Dave Varty

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Dave's story is too full and rich to tell in a brief blog bio. Suffice it to say that it is due to his passion, hard work and lifelong dedication to conservation that Londolozi is what it is today. One of the co-founders ...

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on Earth Day 2013

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Although you mention the privilege it is to be surrounded by 6 million acres of wilderness, the privilege for many of us working here lies not in WHERE Londolozi is but in WHAT it is and what it stands for. Thank you and the family for what you have created.


Mary Beth Wheeler

Your commitments made in 2007 remain as vitally important today as they were then. They are appreciated and supported!

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