What a way to start the year 2013! To journey to India to experience a kaleidoscope of colours, culture, cuisine and contrast. It was my great pleasure to experience this and of so much more as a fellow Relais family member on a recent visit to India where I had the privilege to journey to Sher Bagh in Ranthambhore.  It was an exciting and exhilarating trip which opened my eyes to the wonders of all that there is Relais and Chateaux globally.

New Dehli Train Station Rich Laburn

Waiting to board the train that took us from New Dehli down to Ranthambore.

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

En route to Sher Bagh, we passed many beautiful scenes including these local India women carrying wood.

The values that underpin this global family were exemplified here at Sher Bagh the passport of friendship wrapped in the history and like-minded ness of the Singh family lead by Jaisel and Anjali spans a friendship that started as an exchange programme some 15 years ago. This friendship is indicative of the warmth and hospitality shown by fellow Relais members when you venture to unknown shores. A passport that fast tracks you into a circle and a life lived by those who represent their place of passion.

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

The Sher Bagh logo neatly underpinned by the Relais and Chateaux logo

To journey by train from Delhi to Ranthambhore gives you a 1 hour train window summary of life in rural India. To then alight at the station to be greeted with iced white cloths and a glass of champagne by Yusef and Rakesh goes to underpin the value of the soul of the innkeepers.

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

White tents and immaculate gardens are just the beginning of this incredible experience.

The luxury tented camp is the perfect retreat to fulfill your expectation of the classic Indian safari experience a celebration of the 1920’s “Raj style luxury” where the simplicity of the land is juxtaposed with the excellence of the service.

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

Historical pictures of the Singh family and their love affair with the wild tigers of Ranthambore cover one of the walls at Sher Bagh.

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

The entrance to our tent

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

Raj Style Luxury

The driving force and energy to ensure your hospitality and activity itinerary to arrive and see the proud emblem of the Relais & Chateaux plaque gives you a sense and comfort in knowing that you will be experiencing in the next few days the best representation of the local terroir a real taste of the land.

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

Sher Bagh offers some of the finest Tiger viewing experiences in the Ranthambore National Park.

And if this was not enough, to venture into the jungle and have the great privilege to view a wild tiger, sloth bears, a fishing owl and an array of flora and fauna to awaken the Art de Vivre.

Sher Bagh Relais and Chateaux India

Sher Bagh’s vegetable garden provides an indescribably unique and flavourful taste of the local land.

Sher Bagh is a member of the Sujan Luxury Group and they run an interesting blog about all things Tiger, Ranthambore and Indian luxury, so be sure to Read their Blog HereLIKE their Facebook Page Here, and Follow their Twitter Feed Here.

Written and Photographed by: Shan Varty

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Shan has been at Londolozi since its ecotourism operation began in the 70'. Together with her husband Dave, she embarked on the incredible adventure of building Londolozi up from a few mud huts to the award-winning Relais & Chateaux destination it is today. ...

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Rich Laburn

Great write up and photos Shan


What a fantastic experience for you Shan. I am decidedly jealous.


Great Blog Shan, look forward to hearing more about it!


Wow Shan it looks wonderful, you must have had a wonderful time.

Yusuf Ansari

Dear Shan,
What a wonderful read. We miss you all and look back on those days together with huge fondness, and nostalgia. Best to all back home!

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