Born in 1998 many thought her too old to have another litter. She has proved us all wrong. And we at Londolozi are delighted! One of the most loved lionesses in the whole of the Sabi Sands has given birth. The Tailless Female from the Tsalala Pride has had another litter. Discovered on the 2 August 2012, a single cub was seen suckling from it’s mother. Safely stashed away at Marthly Pools we are delighted to announce the newest arrival to the Tsalala Pride and yet another magical moment for the Lions of Londolozi.

Difficult to make out at first, one needs to look closely to see the most gorgeous of sights. The first view of the tiny face of the Tailless Females newest cub.

The long grass made it very hard to get a good view, but it was more than likely just the shaking of my entire body from the excitement which meant these photos were slightly blurred. We sat for ages watching her clean her single cub and then smiled in delight as the cub fell asleep whilst nursing. All the while we sat quietly in the vehicle 50 yards away.

Completely unphased by our presence it was testimony to how relaxed the mother, the legend herself, feels in the presence of a car. Years of hard work, from past rangers and trackers, have made sightings like this possible in this day and age at Londolozi.

We are delighted to share these images with you

The most magical of moments. The new cub suckles from it’s mother in the long grass.

Last year, the Tailless Female’s daughter (the now newly Tailless Female b. 2002) denned her stash of four precious cubs in the exact same place. A granite rocky outcrop overlooking the picturesque area known as Marthly Pools. We estimate this cub to be between 1-2 weeks old meaning it was born mid/late July 2012.

Now, we wait to see if she is able to look after the cub during this needy time. We, as a team, will use extreme sensitivity to ensure that our presence will have no impact. If need be, we will leave the area alone completely and let the young one and her mom bond at this early stage. When the time is right she will hopefully show her cub off to us. Until then, we may have to be patient and wait for more sightings of this gem. I just hope that she does not abandon this little bundle of love. Fathered by the mighty Majingilane he/she will have great genes, but a single cub takes a lot of effort and time to look after. A hard task, especially for a mother in her old age. We, and all at Londolozi, wish her the best in motherhood.

The Legend of the Tailless Female lives on…

Written and photographed by Adam Bannister

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on Original Tailless Female has a new cub

Margarita Doychinova

I’m so happy to read the news!!!!

Elisabeth Douglas

What wonderful news you are bringing us today, Adam. Just hope this little creature will have a chance to grow up in this dangerous world.

Tammy Perger

OMG!!!…..Absoutely Stunning Adam.

Thank you for the beautiful images & I hope our new arrival will be healthy& strong.


Who’s the father? 🙂

Adam Bannister


Sandy Johnson

How exciting. Yet another reason to come back to Londolozi!


Great News!!! This girl is amazing and a survivor.

Nancy Armitage

It is amazing she could have a cub at 14 years old. But if any lioness could do it this brave and courageous lioness could. I remember first seeing her with James Kydd as our guide when her wound was still raw after the hyena attack when protecting her two male cubs (One of which is called Solo).
Then seeing her with Brett Wallington as our guide all healed and with her two daughters two years later with the Mapogo males. And just this summer seeing her with Lucien Beaumont as our guide when she would have been pregnant, not known to us at the the time. She is a very special lion and has proven a wonderful mother! Hope she is sucessful once again.

Nancy Armitage

Adam Bannister

Nancy your journey with this specific lioness has been incredible. I think possibly another trip is in store to continue with the magic …

Judy Guffey

Magnificent, magical, and so exciting.


What wonderful news. Too bad you couldn’t put someone on ‘guard duty’ to watch over the little one when Mom needs to hunt. I’m not being serious here but it would be nice.
Thanks for the lovely photos.

Geri Potter

Wonderful news, she is the EPITOME of mother. She has raised so many successfully. Perhaps this one will go against the odds and be raised by ALL the Tsalalas…and wouldn’t THAT be wonderful! 🙂
Thanks for sharing!

suzanne myers

YOU go B.B. I am so happy for you!!!!! Long live B.B. Take care girl! we love youi!!!

Anne Johnson

What wonderful news, hope all goes well for her. How long is a cub with its mother?

Adam Bannister

She will be alone with mom, separated from the rest of the pride, for about 6-8 weeks. Then hopefully the mother will introduce the cub to the pride and from then on they will be as one !

Arden Zalman

Adam–You bring tears of joy once more, thank you.


Do you know, which Majingilane of the four is the father?

Adam Bannister

She was seen mating with all four at different stages so we cannot tell exactly.

asiatic lion

lovely news…the last few events have been too heartbreaking to post on roar…guess nature’s cruelty can be very difficult to deal with – but this is fab news that i will post on roar 🙂

Adri Pretorius

Aahh sweet!!
Hope and trust that this little precious little live will survive this dangerous world!!!!

William Wang

lovely cubs. Thank you, Adam.

By the way, is there any news about the two remaining Mapogo?

Adam Bannister

No news in the last 2 weeks. Last i heard 1 male was seen but makhulu (the oldest male) has not been seen in a long time now


How precious and a wonderful story. I pray that all works out for mom and youngster.

MJ Bradley

Awwww, BB. She is truly a legend. I wish her and her new little one, a long and healthy life..
I remember seeing BB at times on the live Safari drives.
I love hearing of all the stories at Londolozi and the Sabi Sands..
thank you Adam for sharing your world.



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