At Londolozi our kitchen is always a hive of activity, full of wonderful aromas and buzzing with action. But despite the busyness, it is obviously important that the rest of the lodge is able to communicate with our central food hub. Yet with all the love in the world, I’m afraid to say that this has been made increasingly difficult over the past few months, as conversing with somebody over the phone in the kitchen has become near impossible. It is not so much the sounds of mixers, clanging pots & pans or even the screech of “hot tray, watch out!” that has made this exercise so difficult; but rather the total diversity of musical genres which have amounted to the deafening background of any conversation.

Last week I heard everything from “blue suede shoes” by Elvis to the latest piece of gospel music from the Zion Christian Church, bellowing out of the Varty kitchen. Mozart’s 4th symphony is also not uncommon, while Rihanna is always a popular favorite. Regardless of the song of the hour, one thing is for sure – Anna Ridgewell and her kitchen brigade are as serious about their song of the day as they are about their dish of the day.

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Duncan is the general manager of Londolozi Game Reserve. His first exposure to the reserve came when he met Bronwyn and Boyd Varty at kindergarten, aged 5, and was invited to visit by their parents Dave and Shan. He eventually returned in a ...

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LOL what fun…thanks

Judy Guffey

Good food, good wine, good music….make a person smile!


Brilliant and ever so true! Thanks Rich and Duncan!


Fantastic, well done! This made me smile!


Love it – brilliant Video. Well done to the Kitchen Team !


Amazing!!! Amazing!!!!

Jane West

Ok, two things: this reenforces my opinion about the Londolozi Team…everyone is a gold medalist!
And I’m hungry now! Brilliant!!!


So enjoyed that – what fun!!

Trisha Siegel

I cannot stop watching this! It is amazing!


Oh, how divine to see everyone having so much fun, which is exactly what ‘work’ should be – FUN! Beautifully shot clip by the way 🙂


West-End London performance – well done Londolozi Kitchen! When are you making the Musical? Fun and such beautiful food – what a combination!

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