Buffalo chase off Majingilane Males

by on March 13, 2012

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One of the reasons I love the bush is that you never really know what could unfold. It was meant to be a morning drive to go and see the large herd of buffalo that had made its way onto Londolozi. There we were sitting in the long grass taking photos of the buffalo as they chewed on the cud. All of a sudden the wind changed direction; this resulted in one of the more entertaining cameos that I have seen… two of Africa’s most revered animals faced off against each other.

A herd of over 100 buffalo were grazing in the open grasslands when one individual lifted it's head and got a whiff of the scent of lion - Adam Bannister

A lead male in the herd sees one of the lions in the long grass and heads directly for him - Adam Bannister

Once the first buffalo made a move in the direction of the lions the rest followed suite; a walk turned into a run - Adam Bannister

The two Majingilanes sensing that they are completely outnumbered, sprint away from the buffalo stampede - Adam Bannister

After finding two of the Majingilane Males sleeping in the grass with two Sparta lionesses, the buffalo herd rallied around to chase off their arch enemy - Lucien Beaumont

A close call - Lucien Beaumont

Everyone got away unharmed, but one could say that the buffalo won this battle!

Photographed by Lucien Beaumont and Adam Bannister
Filmed by Rob Kuzmicki

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  • Sheryl

    wow great pictures!!

  • http://www.gallerytwentyseven.com.au Col Ellis

    What a fantastic moment, and great shots, especially that last one! Love!

  • Sheena

    Good to see the Majingilane being put in their place once in a while!!

  • Chris

    Love, love, love that last picture!

  • kiki

    Nice to see that they don’t win every time. Thanks!

  • Mike Paredes

    last shot wow.

  • Jen Westphal

    Seriously, this is SOOO cool! Thanks for sharing Adam and Lucien!!

  • Rob Kuzmicki

    One of the best moments of our trip….also one of the scariest moments, lol. Thanks again to Londolozi for helping my wife and I celebrate our honeymoon and have one heck of a story to share back at home!

  • Linda Holland

    Great photos…..last shot is amazing.

  • Syl

    Great blog. I often wonder what the kill/escape ratio is.

  • Geri Potter

    Well, having just posted about Camp Pan and how they are all cats…lions are a different category of cat altogther; NEVER known of another species that would systematically attack it’s own offspring. That’s a puzzlement, and one that may be their undoing? Do I rememeber correctly…they aren’t biological brothers all? Just a coalition? So, cats are cats when they live alone, but as a coaltion they take on a different aura…so interesting to follow.

  • al

    Can anybody confirm all 4 Majingilanes are together? Latest location puts them very close to the Matimbas in Nkorho…


  • clive

    great photos