John Varty (JV) is an acclaimed wildlife filmmaker, conservationist, musician, author and one of the founders of Londolozi Game Reserve. He has dedicated his life to the conservation of Big Cats, most notably the leopard. During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s JV’s wildlife films drew attention and awareness to the beauty, behaviour and lives of these phenomenal cats of which Londolozi is proudly home to. JV’s most recent film, Leopard Queen, is currently being screened on Nat Geo Wild and features two decades worth of footage of the famed Londolozi leopard3:4‘. In this the second of a series of interviews with John Varty, he talks about how 3:4 responded to her cub being eaten by an African Rock Python…

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on John Varty – A Life With Leopards # 3

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Geri Potter

I have watched this particular piece still crushes me. But it reinforces the basic instinct, a mother’s love is eternal, through life and death. So sad to watch…but what a good mum! Good to know her lineage perseveres at Londolozi!!

Rich Laburn

Too true Geri, much like the post on the lioness saving her cub a few weeks back it is interesting to see how a mothers love is represented with a different member of the cat family. Thanks as always for your


I am really enjoying this wonderful series on the earlier Leopard’s of Londolozi with John Varty very informative , really interesting and extremly sad at times, must have been very difficult to film but thankyou for the series.

Rich Laburn

Pleasure Kerry, I have no doubt it would have been an incredibly difficult sighting to witness, even watching the footage makes me sad. Glad you found it informative nonetheless. Thanks for your comments. Rich

Penny Parker

I also remember watching this piece before – so touching. the fascinating act of a mourning mother.


Nice video. All animals have emotions. They ain’t robots. 🙂

Linda rocco

Hello I just seen this documentary a few weeks ago and cried my eyes out! I can’t even begin to explain the emotion I feel for this beauty ,the way she allowed everyone to be part of her is a privilege on all levels. How special to follow her and know every mark has a battle story to be told. The love of a mother is something not to be reckoned with,no matter what form we are,human and animal a mothers instinct is to protect.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful heart wrenching story,there is hope for the future and we all need to be one.

Thank you so very much and again I am truly touched beyond words.Linda

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