Today is about celebrating the magnificent Rhinoceros! These incredible creatures who grace us with their presence throughout much of Africa have become synonymous with the battle that they are currently enduring against poaching.  A complete lack of respect for wild animals and their well being; the separation of man from beast; the forgetting that we are all connected; that we are all part of the same canvas.

This day has been formed to increase awareness for the current plight of the rhino as their numbers continue to crash at the hands of a handful of poachers! All five species of rhino are currently being killed for their horns.

White Rhino cow and calf in black and white - Adam Bannister

Although the poaching epidemic is very serious, the video below shows a lighter side to the current rhino situation. It provides a breathe of fresh air and inspiration to ensure the survival of every individual. Simultaneously it also highlights the innocence and vulnerability of this animal and pleads out for every one of us to do our part. Here at Londolozi we are passionate about conservation of wild animals and will continue to do all in our power to ensure that great rhino sightings endure forever in this beautiful part of the world.

New hope and inspiration brought on by the sighting of a baby White Rhino - Adam Bannister

New hope and inspiration brought on by the sighting of a baby White Rhino - Adam Bannister

“World Rhino Day, a global campaign initiated by WWF, calls on all concerned citizens of the world to dust off their vuvuzelas, toot their horns, blow their didgeridoos and make as much noise as possible at 1:00 PM Central Africa Time (CAT), as a symbolic act to send a powerful message to leaders that the time to take serious and effective action against rhino poaching is now” –

Written, filmed and photographed by Adam Bannister

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on World Rhino Day

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We need to get people to understand… to place in their minds that a Rhino is priceless!!
It took Van Gogh death for his paintings to hold such value we WILL NOT let the Rhino have the same fate…

Geri Potter

I love them! Whatever it takes, save them for the future!

Carolyn Roth

I really like the music on this rhino clip. Can you let me know what CD that is from?

Penny Parker

I was so impressed by the overwhelming attention placed on World Rhino day. Statement from Helen Zille. So many protesters. And awareness on such an individual level. I can only hope that Bronwyn is right. These precious animals deserve every ounce of support we can give.


Save the Rhino Trust is also a good place to start.
If the nonsense coming out of China about Rhino Horn and cancer could be
stopped it might help a little, as always with these crimes we must, follow the money …..

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