There is definitely a fun side to the bushveld. Sometimes you just need to watch animals and their outrageous behaviour to bring a smile to your face…they lighten up your day!

I had one of those moments that appeared out of nowhere. We had been sitting quietly watching a mating pair of lions. The female was a young member of the Othawa Pride and the male was a young handsome looking fellow whom I had never set eyes on before. In amongst the turmoil of ‘Lion Warfare’ I was truly amazed to see a ‘new’ single male. We sat for over an hour watching these two lions sleep; it was refreshing to just be able to sit and let nature play out. Anyway seriousness aside; we were parked at an angle that allowed for a wonderful spectacle to unfold without us having to move the vehicle!

The 'new' unknown male lion and a young member of the Othawa Pride - Adam Bannister

A relatively large breeding herd of elephant had just finished drinking in the Sand River and were slowly moving away feeding along the way. At this time of the year when water levels are low elephants have a tendancy to be a little more on edge. We could see them moving closer… We watched as the matriach decided that it was her role to confront the sleeping lions and ensure that the only action we saw that day was not of lions mating but of a rather amusing elephant/lion chase.

I loved the fact that the young female lion ran away quickly and the male tried to show his brave face by moving slowly at first only accelerating the pace when he realised the elephant was hot on his heels.

Resting up on the rocks after being chased - Adam Bannister

Written, filmed and photographed by Adam Bannister

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    Sheena says:

    Wonderful, and the music you chose was hysterical – lightened up my day!

    Sandy Johnson says:

    Thanks for my laugh for the day. Too cute. Love the music.


    sara says:

    Loved the video. The music was so fitting. Thanks for the laugh

    Trisha Jones says:

    Loved it

    Francis says:

    He looks Like one of the matimba?

    LeonaE says:

    Well done Adam. Mission accomplished! Shame G & I left after the morning safari.
    Top stuff.

    Tim Fleeger says:

    Great vid Adam, the music is a nice touch. That was really entertaining to watch unfold live!

    Linda says:

    Fantastic. Love your music choices on the video’s. This one made me chuckle. The young Ottawa lioness and young Nkuhuma male are like loved up teenagers. Great to see.

    lily says:

    loved it

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