The impala saw the lioness too late. Already in mid-stride, the tawny flash bore down on the helpless ewe and smothered it within seconds. Barely a moment after alarming in fright, it now lay in a heap. Yet another victim of nature. The odd click of a camera stirred the eerie silence and with it the lioness turned to drag the prey from where she had crashed down on it moments earlier. For the photographers, the adrenalin slowly ebbed away as they gasped in amazement at just how closely they had witnessed natures primal rhythm in motion…

A few minutes later, 5 familiar faces appeared on the scene. The other Tsalala lioness sauntered down the road with her four cubs, the older set, to join in on the feast. Growing like weeds and ravenous as only carnivores can be, the lionees and her cubs were quick to join in the feast and claim any nutrition they could. Still just meters away from the vehicle, the young cubs snarled amongst each other, forcing their way into the carcass until one of the lionesses lost her patience and yanked the food away with an angry growl.

Tsalala Pride Older Cub by Francesca Grima

Tsalala Pride Older Cub by Francesca Grima

With the intensity these four cubs are displaying at a carcass, one can’t help but be intrigued as to what the feeding patterns will be like when the remaining four begin to join the fray. It is suspected that they may already be feeding at the carcasses however we have not yet had the privilege of witnessing this yet. As for these older four cubs, they will no doubt get more confident during feeding periods and only serve to agitate their mother further. In time however, they will learn to kill for the rest of the pride and thus know how it feels to have their hard work shared amongst the rest.

Filmed by: Andrea
Photographed by: Francesca Grima

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on Lioness Kills Impala Next to Landrover

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Penny Parker

Wow. that footage gave me shivers. I love the excitement in the guests voice 🙂 Lucky!

Rich Laburn

I know, its wonderful isn’t it? Makes me feel as though I am in the vehicle.

Carol Yonts

What a wonderful place to be and at the right time too! I am so glad you able to keep filming even with the lady coming straight at you! Thank you for sharing this with everyone!!!!

Andi Pert

What amazing footage Rich – just loved that you captured the kill …. and the cubs . … It took me right back to Londolozi and our recent trip there with our camera constantly clicking! Loving the blog!

Rich Laburn

Great stuff Andi, we’re making the blog into the closest thing to actually being here on Safari at Londoz. Glad you like the footage and thanks for your comments. Rich

Meghann Rosenberg

What amazing footage. When we were at Londolozi we were about that close to a female lion killing/eating a Warthog piglet and then a fight ensued between the female lion and her brother. It was quite intense to be that close to witness the power of nature!

Rich Laburn

I am willing to bet that the entire vehicle vibrated when the growling and fighting began? It never fails to amaze me, just how powerful these big cats actually are and the levels of intensity that they seem to turn on and off.

Michael Klauber

Fabulous footage! Nice to see “our” cubs again!!

David Dampier

Unbelievable sighting and footage!!

Melissa Jekonski-Lerner

Oh my golly. That is sooo amazing. Wow! Having seen those cubs this last visit the video footage felt like I was right there again.

Jessica Boon

What an amazing photograph Francesca!

Francesca Grima

Thank you Jess! Missing you all! Experience of a lifetime!!


Francesca – a jewel of a photo !! Stunning …..

Michael Moss

I was there when it happened. There were 3 vehicles waiting for the lions to move. Unfortunately I was not in the one which saw it happen. All I got was left overs ! I guess that will have to do, it was quite an experience!

Rich Laburn

Amazing stuff Michael, must have been fantastic to see the interaction between the lioness and her cubs over the carcass. Thanks for your comments.

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