Babies of any animal are cute…but not much can beat a baby African Wild Dog, or 7 of them for that matter! Yesterday the much loved wild dog pack came across onto Londolozi and bought with them their precious cargo.

The definition of cute - Adam Bannister

We sat enthralled as they played around the vehicles and ran up and down the road. Play time turned into complete hysteria and delight when an adult returned back to the spot with a blood soiled face. They greeted him like a long lost hero before following in hot pursuit.

Regrouping after a successful kill - Adam Bannister

Before they got to the site of his impala kill, three hyaenas stepped in and ruined the party.Stealing the kill from under their noses. The dogs erred on the side of caution and led their puppies away from the scene…the reward was not worth the risk!

A very special bond unites the pack - Adam Bannister

One wonderful aspect of the Wild Dog lifestyle is that the entire family looks after the youngsters. The hunting members of the pack return to the den where they regurgitate meat for the nursing female and pups.These pups are at the stage where they are starting to be led further and further afield from the den site and will shortly start to be led out on ‘hunting missions’.

Photographing Wild Dogs by Shan Varty

Photographing Wild Dogs by Shan Varty

Written, filmed by: Adam Bannister
Photographed by: Adam Bannister & Shan Varty 

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on Nothing is as cute as Wild Dog puppies…
    Penny Parker says:

    I love this pics. The squeeling of wild dogs to get a regurgitated piece of the prize is amazing to witness!
    These animals have a well oiled and unbelievable dynamic.
    Very cute pics! Thanks!

    Kirsten I. Plymel says:

    We were with the group when the wild dogs pups came out to play that day. The pictures I took of them outshadow the rest when I show people. Still looking for the Ardwolf!!!!

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