Majingilane Meets the Tsalala Cubs – Gets Attacked

by on April 18, 2011

in Wildlife

They were in the middle of a game a tug-of-war with a piece of impala skin when their mother gave them a faint grunt. They immediately knew what it meant…trouble was brewing and they dare not question her instruction. The 4 Tsalala Pride cubs scattered into the thicket running for safety. Playtime was over!

Trouble walked down into the drainage line; trouble taking the form of one of the notorious Majingilane coalition. Having smelt his offspring he came in to investigate, perhaps to get a first glance at what he had sired! Still relatively young as a male lion, this may be one of the first litters he has fathered and his inexperience and unpredictability may be what triggered the next motion. The mother immediately intercepted the male, bravely beating him around the ears; sending out a clear message that even though he may be the father he was still not truly welcome to walk in and out of these cubs lives.

The Majingilanes actions over the past half year have shown, time and time again, that they are unpredictable in nature and one needs to err on the side of safety. This little interaction would send a direct message to the male that he needs to be cautious of this mother…she is a tough girl who is willing to stand up and fight in order to protect her latest litter. Protective motherly instincts reign over all…

He would be allowed to interact with the cubs but on her rules of engagement…

Majingilane Coailition Member by Adam Bannister

Majingilane Coalition Member by Adam Bannister

Filmed by: Mike Miller

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  • Morty

    Wow, great stuff. Do we know why the one cub is limping?

  • Morty

    Hi Rich,

    I read the blog carefully, but don’t see anything on why he is limping.

  • Adam Bannister

    Hi Morty
    With regard to the limping cub we have no clue what may have caused the limp! What we do know is that the limp appears to no longer be hindering her now. We wait to see her again but i think the prognosis is good!

  • loki

    Is there any news of wiley old BB and the sub adults with her……….have looked and looked and have seen no news of them……..are they no longer considered part of the Tsalala pride?