Pots-at-a-traditional-African-Shangaan-lunchThe first time I went to a traditional lunch, they slaughtered a goat and then made me skin it.  It was many years ago in a very rural community which saw me having to stumble my way through the preparation and eventually force down a portion of my meal.

Traditional and cultural trips are not something that all visitors to South Africa want to experience, yet for those who do have an genuine interest you will be glad to know that my latest excursion was nothing like the first.

I had tagged along with a group of guests on the 4 Pillars of Hope Community Tour which is now on offer at Londolozi.  We visited the Dabuka Women’s Cooperative and Sam Nzima Primary School before ending our community trip at the traditional home of the tour’s guide, Linky Nkuna.

This lunchtime experience is beautifully authentic and a hugely fun.  Our group was treated to fresh, organically grown vegetables for lunch.  It is encouraging to see the vegetable gardens that have been developed in the communities surrounding Londolozi starting to yield benefits.

We had barely finished when the choir arrived to led us into festive singing, albeit with a some locally brewed beer to aid the vocal chords.  By the time we had finished chatting to the ladies who prepared our meal, it was almost time to go.  My first traditional experience may have been an eye opener, but this last one was just plain fun!

Written, filmed and photographed by: Rich Laburn

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